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Jeff Tietjens PHOTO!

Jeff Tietjens PHOTO

PHOTOS! Here is a picture of Jeff Tetjens, Aisha Tyler’s husband, profiled on TV tonight. Jeff Tietjens and Aisha Tyler met at Dartmouth College. Jeff Tietjens is an attorney.

Together they moved to Oakland after graduation into a mostly African American section of town. Tyler describes that experience:

“We had to ride the bus be-cause we didn’t have a car and it was like the gauntlet every day. It was exhausting because we could not walk down the street without brothers yelling and catcalling lame, tired old lines like, ‘Once you go black, you never go back!’ or asking ‘Why are you with that white boy?'”

Shortly after that ,the two moved to San Francisco. But by the late 1990s, they had moved to Los Angeles.

By 2001, Tyler was hosting E!’s Live Countdown to the Academy Awards.

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