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Diandra Forrest PHOTOS!

Diandra Forrest PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are photos of Elite’s new model Diandra Forrest. Shameer Khan discovered Diandra Forrest. Now Forrest is with Elite.

Shameer Khan, at only 18, is brilliant.

Diandra Forrest Pictures
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This perhaps one of the most exciting faces LALATE has seen hit in a long time. And with all the beautiful celebrities we report you daily, that’s a huge compliment.

The photographer’s bio reads as follows:

Eighteen year old Shameer Khan is quickly becoming one to watch in the world of fashion. With an eye trained on the style Mecca of New York City, his name is quickly being recognized and along with his own recognizable signature style photography. His images show character and have a unique spiritual quality. Shameer’s passion and undying love for photography can be distinctly seen in every image he creates.

Over on the Fashion Spot they have a reported quote about how Khan found Forrest.

It was a couple of months ago when I first met Diandra. She was walking down 34th street and I took one look at her and was like “Wow… That girl is beautiful!” She was moving soooo fast and I was not going to let this one slip by! So I finally caught up with her and spoke to her about modeling and she was very interested. We met up a lot of times after that and then I started to take pictures of her as often as we can. There was somthing specific that I wanted to do with her becuase I knew she was a special girl and we both worked towards achieving that. I finally presented her to agencies when she was ready to be revealed, and it was such a pleasure for me to finally share this precious diamond that I have been keeping under the radar. I am proud to say that Diandra is now signed to Elite.

She’s breathtaking, and his brilliant. Good stuff is about to come, and you heard it first, again, here at LALATE NEWS.

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