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Preakness 2009 Drinks!

Preakness 2009 Drinks

Yes, you heard right. Preakness 2009 walk in drinks are banned! Walk in beverages to the Preakness 2009 public infield at Pimlico Race Course are banned.

That race is May 16. Before you could bring in coolers. Now you have buy their beers for $3.50 a pop. Cha-ching!

Also new – a rock concert. Say what? ZZ Top and Buckcherry will perform on a man made sand pit.

This is not a joke.

The Toyota Pro Beach East Volleyball Tour will be played there too. Yes, beach volleyball with horses makes total sense.

At least prices haven’t change – still $50. Why the “entertainment” change?

Says the track to the Washington Post:

“Our goal is to make the Preakness the best experience for anyone who walks through these doors. From our perspective, by changing the alcohol policy, it gives more people the opportunity to have a pleasurable experience.

“We’re in business to make a profit. But there are multiple goals here. With the music and the volleyball and so on, if people aren’t going to bet every race they have something else they can do. It’s an upgrade of the experience.”

Sounds like a good idea … except for the sand.

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