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Marcos Gutierrez Nadya Suleman!

Marcos Gutierrez Nadya Suleman

Marcos Gutierrez is Nadya Suleman ex husband! So who’s David Solomon? Marcos Gutierrez was married to Nadya Suleman Gutierrez, aka Nadya Doud.

Nadya’s story doesn’t end there.

LALATE was the first news agency to break the identity of the octuplets mother as Nadya Suleman Gutierrez. LALATE reportedly the Suleman allegedly still uses the Gutierrez name.

Now reports reveal that ex husband was Marcos Gutierrez.

But there’s still more. Unconfirmed reports say that the divorce proceeding between two indicated no children were made during the marriage. Yes, reports now claim that those first six children were not born from Suleman’s ex husband.

So who is the parents of the children before the octuplets? Some reports alleged the first four children have the father’s name listed as “David Solomon” on birth certificates.

LALATE broke the world exclusive that Suleman’s first name is Nadya and that she allegedly uses the name of her ex husband. Since then ABC News claims that Nadya goes by the name of Nadya Doud.

Her mother Angela says Nadya sought fertility treatment because “her Fallopian tubes are plugged up” but adds “Octuplets. Dear God! I wish she could have been a kindergarten teacher.”

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  1. C. Alexander Brown

    February 7, 2009 at 10:11 am

    This woman is a flake living in a fantasy universe who has gamed the system.

    Crucial questions; Can she, in the judgment of California officials with responsibility for the well-being of children in the State, take adequate care of ALL her children? Who is paying her undoubtedly enormous hospital bills? Will this prompt the medical profession’s current unenforceable “guidelines” on in-vitro fertilizations to be converted to enforcable legal medical requirements? Pronto?

    This has been an interesting freak show, but it must not be forgotten that the lives and well-being of the children spawned by this bizarre & irresponsible woman of questionable sanity or intelligence, is THE priority important matter in this circus.

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