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Veatrice Rice!

Veatrice Rice

PICTURES. Here are pictures and video of Veatrice Rice, dead from cancer. Jimmy Kimmel announced tonight Veatrice Rice has died. Veatrice’s death was a shock to fans of her sharp, direct, hilarious delivery.

Veatrice Rice Pictures
Veatrice Rice Photo 1
Veatrice Rice Photo 2
Veatrice Rice Photo 3
Veatrice Rice Photo 4


Jimmy Kimmel said tonight about Rice’s death:

“Yesterday we lost a co worker and a very friend. I don’t want to get too choked up. Our personal was not a sentimental person but … we thought it would be best to share her best moments.”

Rice’s bio on ABC reads as follows:

“Stationed in front of the musical guest dressing room, Veatrice (aka “Miss V”) exudes the cool calm of indifferent disgust that comes with three years on a low-paying security job. A native of Bowling Green, KY (“That’s where they make Corvettes,” she notes), Veatrice enjoys reading and drinking. Her favorite book is Robinson Crusoe and her favorite non-alcoholic beer is O’Douls. Veatrice has been married for 6 years to her husband John. She has no heroes. Despite her quiet nature, Veatrice has emerged as one of JKL’s top security guards and on-air personalities. Her fans around the world agree that “Miss V” is here to stay!”

Veatrice Rice will be missed. Funeral arrangements have not been announced.


  1. Rudy Sanders

    May 26, 2010 at 2:02 am

    Where have I been? For over a year I’ve wondered what happen to Veatrice. So tonight I google her name and get the sad news. It never occurred to me that she may have died. I am stunned at this late news, however, the show goes on. The network is allowing Guillermo a chance to exercise his wits and Uncle Frank has returned in a less active role. Jimmy, thanks for keeping it real…real, real people. Veatrice, darling we loved your no nonsense and foul mouth approach to the comedy routines…rest in peace.

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