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Jonathan Gillibrand!

Jonathan Gillibrand

PHOTOS! Here are pictures of Jonathan Gillibrand, Kristen Gillibrand’s husband, and his bio.Jonathan Gillibrand is the husband of New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand.

LALATE was the first news agency to break online that Gillibrand is New York’s next senator. Today, if you want to visit Kristen’s House website, good luck. The server has crashed.

Jonathan / Kristen Gillibrand Pictures
Jonathan / Kristen Gillibrand Picture 1
Jonathan / Kristen Gillibrand Picture 2
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Jonathan / Kristen Gillibrand Picture 4

Jonathan Gillibrand sat down with local press in 2007 to discuss a new baby. The interview was during Kristen’s first and only term as U.S. House Rep for New York.

“So it does seem strange that people would be interested in the fact we’re going to have a baby. Which, you know, is great news, and that’s what life’s all about — right? But that is a little strange.”

Strange? Get use to the attention, it’s just starting. That was 2007. Imagine how it is today in 2009 with the formal announcement by David Paterson.

Jonathan in 2007 welcomed the family’s second child. Kristen was a former lawyer. When in the house, Jonathan says the two split time between Washington and Greenport, in Columbia County.

Says reports: “Most weekdays, the congresswoman and Jonathan leave for work together and drop off their 4-year-old son, Theo, at day care before Jonathan goes on to his office, where he works as a consultant with a real estate investment fund. If the congresswoman has evening votes, she goes home between 5 and 6 p.m. to cook and eat dinner, then returns to the office.”

How did the two meet? Jonathan is British. And guess where they met? At LALATE’s own alma mater, Columbia University! Jonathan was in master’s degree program at the University when the two were set up on a blind date. And we also know who else is a Columbia graduate? David Paterson!

For more on Jonathan’s 2007 great interview, click here

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