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Helga Testorf PHOTOS!

Helga Testorf

PHOTOS! Here are pictures of Helga Testorf. Helga Testorf was in Andrew Wyeth’s 240 portraits called the HELGA PICTURES. Andrew Wyeth put Helga Testorf mostly n*** in the “Helga Pictures” and kept Helga Testorf a secret for 15 years!

Helga Testorf Pictures
Helga Testorf Photo 1
Helga Testorf Photo 2
Helga Testorf Photo 3

Helga Testorf began as a Wyeth’s subject in 1971. It was not until 1986 that 240 portraits most n*** of Testorf were unveiled as“Helga Pictures.”

Reportedly “In 1971, Helga Testorf, then 32, began posing for Wyeth in his farmhouse studio in Chadds Ford. Both Wyeth’s wife, Betsy, and Testorf’s husband were kept in the dark about the 15-year project. “

Today Andrew Wyeth, a great of 20th-century American art, is dead at 91.

In an interview about Helga Testorf, Wyeth once said:

“I was entranced the instant I saw her. I thought she was the personification of all young Prussian girls and she possessed all the qualities of the Kuerner girls [a neighbor’s daughters whom he had wanted to paint]. Amazingly blond, fit, compassionate. I was totally fascinated by her. ‘God,’ I thought, ‘I have to have her as my next model!’”

“The difference between me and a lot of painters is that I have to have a personal contact with my models. I don’t mean a sexual love, I mean real love….I have to fall in love with [my models]—hell, I do much the same with a tree or a dog. I have to become enamored. Smitten. That’s what happened when I saw Helga walking up to the Kuerners’ lane. She was this amazing, crushing blond.”

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