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Randolph Cook Oprah!

Randolph Cook Oprah

PHOTOS! Here are pictures and VIDEO of Randolph Cook (aka Randolph L. Cook or L Randolph Cook) talking about Oprah. Randolph Cook’s Oprah allegations about drugs are not new. But Randolph Cook’s Oprah claims are back in the press again today. Why?

Randolph Cook Pictures
Randolph Cook Photo 1
Randolph Cook Photo 2

Randolph Cook VIDEO

Randolph Cook’s claims have been around since at least 2007.

Back in 2007, the Post said of Cook:

“A man named Randolph Cook also claimed to be a part of Oprah’s painful past, saying the two shacked up together in 1985 and enjoyed a torrid affair that included drug use …. He unsuccessfully sued Oprah for $20 million in 1997, alleging that she was blocking publication of his confessional tome. Oprah never went on record about what relationship, if any, she had with Cook, but copped to using … briefly in her 20s during a 1995 taping of her show.

The Cook v. Oprah lawsuit has been online for over a year. You can read the decision here Randolph L. Cook v Oprah Winfrey, 7th FindLaw 973403 (7th Cir. 1998-04-08)

So why is this story back in the press?

Because of National Enquirer reportedly claims its story is “exclusive” and “new” this week. New?

“[I]n his blockbuster … tell-all The Wizard of O: My Life With Oprah, her ex-lover, Chicago businessman Randolph Cook, makes the stunning disclosure that the talk queen resumed her … habit during their secret affair which began in 1984.”

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