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Ines Sainz PHOTOS!

Ines Sainz PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are hot pictures of Ines Sainz. Ines Sainz (Inez Sainz) is the sports reporter for TV Azteca who also has bikini spreads. Hello ratings! Ines Sainz is GORGEOUS.

Who is hotter – Ines Sainz or Erin Andrews .. or Pam Oliver?

Ines Sainz Pictures Jets Photos (September 2010)
Ines Sainz Photo 4
Ines Sainz Photo 5

Ines Sainz Pictures
Ines Sainz Photo 1
Ines Sainz Photo 2
Ines Sainz Photo 3

LALATE will go with Erin Andrews, but, on the behind the scenes reporting, its a close tie between Pam Oliver and Sainz. Ines Sainz has curves that can make Jennifer Lopez fume envy.

Other Ines Sainz Pictures Set 2
Ines Sainz Photo 6
Ines Sainz Photo 7
Ines Sainz Photo 9

And Sainz hits the stadiums in white tight pants..  The initial reaction when you see Ines is —

1. time to move to Latin America

2. time to find Azteca tv on my cable box

3. time to pick my jaw up off the floor.

She’s hot, talented, and has a great smile. Time to start tuning into foregin tv … for the sports coverage.



On Saturday, Sainz tried to visit the Jets locker room to conduct an interview with Mexican American Mark Sanchez. But as she tweeted (in Spanish), she was subjected to repeated alleged harrasment.

9 am EST Saturday.  “I’m dying of embarrassment! I am in the lockers of jets waiting for Mark Sanchez and while trying not to look to nowhere!”

Thereafter she wrote. “Why is this the only way to do a pre-match interview for Monday! But too many male hormones in the environment!” She followed up  “I only see the locker of Mark and I would like to cover my ears!”

Ines Sainz Esquire Bikini Pictures
Ines Sainz Bikini Photo 1

Ines Sainz Bikini Photo 2

Ines Sainz Bikini Photo 3

Ines Sainz Bikini Photo 4

Ines Sainz Bikini Photo 5

Ines Sainz Bikini Photo 6

Finally she wrote  “Mission accomplished! Mark Sanchez is a great person! Very friendly and smart! Tomorrow can see his interview in Ritual NFL”.

On Monday, Sainz told Mark Sanchez on CNN how the locker room unfolded. “From the moment I got in, I feel that only eyes are for me. So I decided to find my way to Mark Sanchez’s locker. But I really feel the noise and all the environment was talking about me.”

On Sunday, she told El Universal another account of the events “In my perception, at no moment I felt neither attacked, nor that something rude was being done about me. I went into the lockers and there were comments and games. A fellow journalist told me that he was very sorry things like that were happening, in the surrounding areas where, evidently, there were jokes being made about me.”

Who were the alleged members of the Jets? The New York Daily News reported Sunday that the conduct allegedly involved linebacker Jason Taylor, defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman  who allegedly was “tossing pigskins in Sainz’s direction”, and Kris Jenkins who allegedly said of Sainz that she was “acting” that “she doesn’t know English.”

On Monday, Jenkins suffered a season ending injury. He has yet to decide whether he will retire as well.

Sainz has said of the experience: “I think the important point is that a woman deserve respect in any profession.”

For continuing coverage and more on Ines Sainz, click here:

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  1. allen

    July 20, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    inez is hott and hugh should contact inez,erin and others 2 do a playboy photo spread.

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