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Melissa Berry PHOTOS!

Melissa Berry PHOTOS

PICTURES! Here are hot pictures of Melissa Jo Berry. Melissa Berry is suing Mark C. Dawson over n*** pictures he put on myspace of her. Melissa Berry’s lawsuit over the n**** pictures was filed this week in Tampa.

Melissa J. Berry is a 24 year old model who is suing her ex boyfriend today in Florida’s Hillsborough County Circuit Court over pictures he put of her on reportedly without her permission.

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Dawson claims Berry is former dancer at the Thee Dollhouse and that he “never made anything public.”

Dawson says:

“This is nothing but an ex-girlfriend trying to cause problems. For her to say that these pictures were taken against her knowledge is untrue because she is smiling in them…. what she’s doing now is creating a drama because there are pictures out there of her.”

Berry’s response:

“There’s not a photographer that has ever taken those sorts of shots of me. It’s more of a privacy thing. It’s not for everyone else to see.”

The photos reportedly were taken with a cell phone. Berry is seeking unspecified damages in excess of $15,000.

“I am scared of what he will do to my career,” she said.

Melissa Berry is reportedly also in the Lingerie Football League that plays this February 1 in Tampa. 

Watch below also a music video in which Melissa Jo Berry plays the dream girl (she appears at the 4 minute mark in a “dream sequence”).

Pop Music| Jerry Velez finds his dream girl

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