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Bianca de la Garza PHOTOS!

Bianca de la Garza PHOTOS

PICTURES! Here are photos of the hot Bianca de la Garza. But Bianca is married, to David Wade, who is also de la Garza’s biggest competition! Bianca de la Garza opens up today about being married to her competition.

Another Bianca de La Garza Picture:
Bianca de La Garza Photo 2

But don’t tell Bianca that David is competition! Bianca thinks her husband David is no competition for her network and its ratings.

Both host early morning news, de la Garza co-anchors WCVB’s “EyeOpener” newscast, which she says dominates Boston’s morning tv demographics.

Bianca tells the Boston Globe:

“People know who we are. It has never deviated. It has never changed, and that’s why there is that sense of loyalty from viewers. . . . ‘BZ, you have a lot of changes.”

Wade co-anchors the morning show at WBZ-TV (Channel 4). Wade’s response?

“Don’t let them fool you. They are looking at their demos, and they know that we’re coming. ‘BZ is a station that lost its way for a short time and is now by far reclaiming its spot as the station in town.”

For a picture of the couple at home: click here .

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