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Jemima Khan PHOTOS!

Jemima Khan PHOTOS

PICTURES! Here are super hot photos of Jermima Khan, rumored to be Guy Ritchie’s new girlfriend. Jemima Khan use to date Hugh Grant, is the ex wife of Imran Khan, and the daughter of Lady Annabel Goldsmith and Sir James Goldsmith.

Jemima Khan Pictures
Jemima Khan Photo 1
Jemima Khan Photo 2
Jemima Khan Photo 3
Jemima Khan Photo 4

Reports say Ritchie has been spending time with the millionaire heiress Jemima Khan, first at a dinner party. She’s 33 and stunning, a mother of two.

A recent party she attended with Ritchie featured in attendance Stella and Mary McCartney, Lily Allen, Mick Jagger and Kevin Spacey, reports the Mirror. Khan has been featured for Azzaro campaigns (above).

Also interested in her, reportedly, is Simon Cowell.

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