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Ron and Joy Holiday Cat Dancers!

Ron and Joy Holiday Cat Dancers

PHOTO! Here is a picture of Ron and Joy Holiday from “Cat Dancers”. Ron and Joy Holiday appear in tonight’s HBO documentary “Cat Dancers” along with their adorable white tigers.

Cat Dancers (8 pm HBO) tonight is from filmmaker Harris Fishman. The story starts with the Holiday’s love affair back in Maine, follows them to becoming dancers at Radio City Music Hall, and then how their life changed after being given a leopard cub as a gift, and eventually meeting Chuck Lizza.

Reviews tonight online about the broadcast are very positive, with critics agreeing the show is fascinating, original, and clearly entertaining.

Catch it tonight on HBO.


  1. Helen

    January 8, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    Ron, I saw you doc and was so moved by your strength and your love for both Joy and Chuck, as well as your cats. I was so sorry that you lost your cats in the end after so much tragedy. May you find the peace you most undeniably deserve in Thailand.

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