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Layla Kiffin PHOTOS!

Layla Kiffin PHOTOS

PICTURES! Here are photos of Layla Kiffin, Lane Kiffin’s wife. Layla Kiffin is making her own news today along with Monte Kiffin. Lane Kiffin will officially become this week Tennessee’s next coach, says reports.

Kiffin’s father Monte Kiffin is Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He says this is all “speculation”.

Layla Kiffin Pictures


Layla Kiffin Photo 2
Layla Kiffin Photo 3
Layla Kiffin Photo 4
Layla Kiffin Photo 5
Layla Kiffin Photo 6

But one thing that everyone is agreeing on, at least over on Facebook, is that Layla Kiffin might be one of the hottest coaches’ wives in the game.

Back in 2007, Layla Kiffin, with daughters Landry and Presley, took a stroll with the San Francisco Chronicle. For more photos and that story on Layla Kiffin, click here.

Layla and Lane have been married for 8 years, their children are 3 and 2. Layla said in 2007: “A lot of the wives stick together because we’re all alone at night and on the weekends, so it’s kind of nice to have each other.”

Over on Facebook, Layla’s already got her own fan club:

“It’s time we all rally around Lane Kiffin in the only way we possibly can before the next season begins. By pointing out that his wife is hotter than your coach’s wife. Clearly this will ultimately translate to SEC Championships on the field. ”

For that facebook, click here .

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