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Katt Williams Missing Conan O’Brien!

Vin Diesel

VIDEO! Watch video of Katt William MISSING from Conan O’Brien. Katt Williams was missing from Conan O’Brien’s November 5, 2008, but is Katt Williams actually really missing? Is Katt Williams actually missing, or just missing another show; that’s what people are asking today.

Recently LALATE told you first about those false rumors of Katt Williams dead.

But today, the NBC website for Conan actually reads “Katt Williams is Missing! (11/5/08)…Views: 2,703… When scheduled guest Katt Williams doesn’t show up, Conan is forced to fill time.” Here’s a screenshot: click here

Just days ago in late October, Katt Williams missed the BET Awards, failing to show as host of BET Awards.

Watch the video below of Katt Williams missing from Conan O’Brien. Decide for yourself what the world is going on.

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