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Lil Kim Brookland Media Label LAWSUIT!

Lil Kim

Lil’ Kim is being sued by her own record label to the tune of $2.5 MILLION! Brookland Media has filed a lawsuit moments ago against Lil’ Kim for failure to deliver under her label agreement. Brookland Media’s lawsuit was filed against Lil’ Kim in Manhattan’s lil state Supreme Court today.

Kim’s response: that Brookland sued “to leverage their own position” in the contract dispute.

The suit claims Brookland spent money in preparation for recordings but then she refused to perform unless they agreed to her contract changes.

Brookland wants the court to declare the contract valid and block Lil from recording a little bit, or a lot, elsewhere.

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  1. Andre

    October 9, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    I don’t know what either party is thinking! First of all, if Kim was under contract with Brookland Media, she couldn’t legally discuss future deals with other labels – she knows that, she’s been in the game too long to not understand that. Second, wouldn’t Brookland rather have her production team be what she wants it to be? I know if I were a label and the artist wanted A-List producers, I’d say “yes” because top producers tend to be able to produce top hits, which tends to sell more records! Third, Kim ought to want to record the project because once she releases it she starts to reap the financial benefits! Bottom line, each party should understand the need and desire for success and they should be able to come to some sort of mutual agreement w/o the intervention of the US legal system!

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