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Alexander McQueen Feather Wedding Dress!

Alexander McQueen Feather Wedding Dress

PHOTOS! Here are pictures of that Alexander McQueen’s feather wedding dress. Alexander McQueen DID do an Ostrich feather “wedding” dress that resembles a Project Runway’s contestant dress. Michael Kors saw Alexander McQueen feather wedding dress cerca 2008 shouting out from one of the contestant’s dresses on Project Runway.

But was Kors correct? Are they really the same? And is McQueen’s really a wedding dress?

Above is the dress of the contestant on Project Runway, feathers and all.

Below are multiple Alexander McQueen feather dresses from 2008, slightly wedding dress inspired. LALATE loves Michael Kors, and his designs. So does the above dress look like McQueen? Decide here.

McQueen feather dresses 2008:

Alexander McQueen feather dress picture 1
Alexander McQueen feather dress picture 2

Finally, here is another picture, this time Alexander McQueen side by side the Project Runway dress.
Alexander McQueen feather dress picture 3


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