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Criss Angel Dead?

Criss Angel Dead

Did Criss Angel die? That car explosion on Mindfreak is leaving everyone guessing is Criss Angel dead? The Criss Angel car explosion pictured above left the car on fire with a funnel of smoke more spectacular than that David Blaine’s “stunt” in New York today.

Kurt Angle says of the Criss Angel car explosion:

“It blew my mind, my nerves were shot. I thought it was a stunt that definitely went wrong. I saw him chained, I saw him in the car and saw him go over (the edge). I thought ‘Oh my god, this is a tragedy, something went wrong’.”

“Having spent time with Criss and Sully the previous day, I felt absolutely terrible. After I knew he was okay, I absolutely wanted to knock him out for making me feel so bad (laughs).”

Sully says of the car wreck:

“When I saw Criss go over that cliff, it felt like I just watched my brother kill himself. I was standing only 20 feet away and I thought for sure the stunt went wrong. He’s lucky I don’t kill him myself!”

And Criss Angel says:

“Illusion is what you see. Magic is what you feel. It’s time to start thinking outside the box and let the art of magic live on in real life. I hope to be engaging my audiences by having them ask themselves… What is real and what is illusion? That is truly the magic of emotion.”

Yes, Criss is alive. Great stuff!


  1. Peter

    October 22, 2013 at 11:06 pm

    of course he is alive. looking at the video a few times you can see they used 2 identical cars. one of them the one he takes off in has a yellow sticker on the drivers side the size of a post it note and to one that goes over the cliff has not

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