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Punk I Love New York 2 VIDEO!

Punk I Love New York 2

VIDEO! Here’s a video of PUNK (David Otunga) in “I Love New York 2″. Punk first tried his chance at love in “I Love New York 2″ opposite Tiffany Pollard. But this weekend, Punk gave his love to Jennifer Hudson by giving Hudson a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring on her birthday.

Most fans of I Love New York 2 really enjoyed Daivd Otunga. As reported all day long on LALATE, readers here knew that Otunga and Hudson were getting married after an LALATE story in July.

But this weekend, the two popular reality tv stars made it official.

LALATE2 has up a fan made video of Punk in I Love New York 2, in addition to two other David Otunga videos added earlier today.

Click here to watch Punk as he appeared in “I Love New York 2.”

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