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Pam Oliver PHOTOS!

Pam Oliver

VIDEO! Here are a video and pictures of hot NFL reporter Pam Oliver from the front and from behind. DROOL! Pam Oliver is booty – full. And in this video, you’ll see Pam fills out them jeans nicely.

Oliver in 1995 joined FOX Sports as a NFL sideline reporter. In 2005 Pam joined TNT as a reporter for the NBA playoffs.

Pam Oliver Pictures Set 1
Pam Oliver Photo 1

Pam Oliver Photo 2

Pam Oliver Photo 3

Pam Oliver Pictures Set 2
Pam Oliver Photo 4
Pam Oliver Photo 5

Pam Oliver Photo 6

Pam Oliver Photo 7

Oliver is from Dallas and an exceptionally talented reporter. In 2004, Ebony magazine named Oliver Outstanding Woman in Journalism 2004. Pam is superb.

Olive told Essence, “I’ve been at this long enough that the players know I’m serious about what I do. I’ve never once heard it said to my face, ‘Oh, she’s cute so I’ll talk to her.’ You prove that you know your stuff, and everything else falls into place.”

Bio: WFSU-TV, reporter/producer, 1984-85; WALB-TV, political/news reporter, 1985-86; WAAY-TV, science/military reporter, 1986-88; WIVB-TV, news reporter/anchor, 1988-90; WTVT-TV, news reporter/anchor, 1990-91, sports reporter/ anchor, 1991-92; KHOU-TV, sports anchor/reporter, 1992-93; ESPN, sportscaster, 1993-95; Fox Sports, 1995-; Turner Sports, 2005-.

A hot video of Pam Oliver wearing jeans, very well, is now up on LALATE2. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO


  1. Matt

    November 25, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Have to say since she changed her hair to more of a redish tint she looks GREAT!

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