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Mayra Rosales PICTURE Fat Murder Trial!

Mayra Rosales

PICTURE! Above is the photo of Mayra Rosales. Mayra Rosales, claims herself, that she is too fat to stand murder trial or to be put in prison. Too fat? Mayra Rosales’s weight is 1000 pounds.

Mayra Rosales is making her weight the issue in the trial. Rosales is charged with killing a 2 year old child. But her defense is she is too fat to have killed anyone. In fact, the mother of the dead child agrees.

On top of that, Mayra Rosales’s attorney says his client can’t go to jail because the cells are too small.

Mayra Rosales was indicted last week in the March 18 death of Eliseo Gonzalez Jr., her nephew.

Sergio Valdez, Mayra Rosales’ attorney, said she can’t kill the kid because she can’t move enough to kill anyone. “She is not physically capable of having committed those acts,” Valdez said.

Mayra Rosales sadly suffers from a thyroid problem.

“We’re struggling to find a place where she can be kept under lock and key,” Rene Guerra, the Hidalgo County district attorney reportedly said.

“I’m not ready to take that kind of money out of the county coffers if there are other options. But I will if I have to.”

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