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Mia Tyler Creating Myself!

Mia Tyler Creating Myself

Mia Tyler considered suicide, she reveals in her book Creating Myself. Creating Myself is Mia Tyler’s tale of living as Liv Tyler’s sister and Steven Tyler’s daughter.

Tyler is plus-sized model. Creating Myself portrays a night on Hollywood Hills balcony when she considered jumping.

The plus-sized model writes, “I was going to kill myself. One thing I knew for sure: if I jumped, no one would find me at the bottom of the canyon. I sat down, and let my legs dangle over the edge. I puffed on a joint. I wondered if it was going to hurt. If it did, it wouldn’t matter for more than an instant, right?”

Tyler reportedly didn’t make the jump because of job offer phone call from MTV. The model makes upwards of $20,000 per shoot.

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