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Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee Dating?

Pamela Anderson

Are Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee dating? Pamela Anderson finally revealed today that she and Tommy Lee are in love, they live together, are happier than ever, and are … not dating.

How “Los Angeles” of them.

The former husband and wife have been living together for several weeks. Lee is at the top of his game with CrewFest in full swing. Anderson too is making a comeback with her own tv show revealed earlier today. So why aren’t they dating?

Anderson’s upcoming show is on E! She told fellow E! star Ryan Seacrest this morning about Tommy Lee: “We live together. But [I’m] not with him, with him.”

Wonder if they at least share the shower? Or maybe … watch home videos together, maybe even THAT home video.

“You never know what could happen. I mean, we can’t get rid of each other, we love each other, you know? And it’s kind of a funny, dysfunctional family like everybody else, but you know, hopefully one day we get it together. If not, we’re really good friends.”

So who is Pammy “dating”? Criss Angel?

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