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Brooke Hogan Shower Video

Brooke Hogan

VIDEO! Watch Brooke Hogan’s shower video, courtesy of VH-1. First Miley Cyrus, now Brooke Hogan snapping herself in the shower. A friend recorded Brooke Hogan showering and VH-1 posted it.

Somewhere today, plastic surgeons must be calling up VH-1 right now because the video shows how bad Hogan’s nose is.

The video is not a good angle for Brooke.

Remember those Maxim pictures of Brooke recently? Well, this just doesn’t look like the same person. Hogan stars in the new VH-1 sequel to “Hogan Knows Best”, “Brooke Knows Best”. VH-1 puts up extra footage from the show online in an online series called “Brooke Hogan: After Hours”, similar to what “Big Brother” does for its show.

What do you think about Brooke? Hit the chat room right now and say what you think.

Watch the shower video below.

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