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Rihanna Tattoo PICTURES!

Rihanna Tattoo PICTURES

PHOTOS! Here are Rihanna’s tattoo pictures. Did you catch Rihanna’s new Tattoo this morning? Singer Rihanna showed off some new ink this morning on the Today Show. The new tattoo is on her left shoulder.

Back in April, LALATE broke to you those rear tattoos on Rihanna and Chris Brown. While Brown and Rihanna use to have similar tattoos on their neck, Rihanna’s tattoo on the back has moved progressively lower, no longer matching Chris’ ink.

Rihanna loves her ink. But does she love her ink more than Chris Brown?

Below are pictures of Rihanna and Chris’ ink from behind.

Which tattoo do you like the best? Rihanna’s shoulder, Rihanna’s back, or Chris’ ink? LALATE prefers Chris’ tattoo. Rihanna’s back looks like ivy, even though it is stars.

UPDATE – LALATE has more photos of Rihanna’s tattoos for you – the neck, the ear, the forearm, the shoulder, the leg / foot.


Rihanna Tattoo Pictures
Rihanna Tattoo Photo 1
Rihanna Tattoo Photo 2
Rihanna Tattoo Photo 3
Rihanna Tattoo Photo 4
Rihanna Tattoo Photo 5
Rihanna Tattoo Photo 6
Rihanna Tattoo Photo 7
Rihanna Tattoo Photo 8
Rihanna Tattoo Photo 9

SECOND UPDATE – LALATE has the Lily Allen vs. Rihanna SHHHH! tattoo. Did Lily Allen copy Rihanna?

Rihanna vs. Lily Allen Tattoo Pictures
Rihanna v. Lily Allen Tattoo Photo 10

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  1. princess bell

    December 3, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    rihanna is my #1 fan and im getting all her tattoos

  2. Jessica

    November 22, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    I love rihanna but in the vid we found love she gets a tattoo on her a**

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