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Amanda Corey !

Amanda Corey was the winner tonight on “Beauty and the Geek”! LALATE has Amanda Corey’s pictures exclusively for you, and more about Amanda, the beautiful winner tonight.Amanda Corey and Tommy Severo tonight walked away sharing an incredible $250,000 by winning season 5 of the hit reality show “Beauty and the Geek”.

But who is Amanda? And if you thought she is beautiful, you haven’t seen anything yet!

LALATE NEWS has for you exclusively pictures provided by earlier tonight. LALATE was so excited because not one but two beauties, Leticia Cline and Amanda Corey, made the finals tonight.

But who exactly is Amanda Corey?

She’s 23 and a graduate of the University of Arizona. She currently is a full-time model. And what makes tonight’s win even more incredible?  “Beauty and the Geek” was the first time Amanda has been on national television, tells LALATE NEWS.

What did Amanda think about Tommy at first?

She says “When I first learned that we were going to be partners, I was really, really excited. He was the least geeky of all the guys, and he was the tallest and I’m the shortest. We actually got to choose our partners, so he was my first pick.”

And to say Amanda is beautiful is an understatement.

(Oh, what LALATE would give for a hug!)

Below are some super hot pictures of Amanda provided exclusively to LALATE NEWS earlier tonight from, and more!

To see more of Amanda Corey’s pictures, click here.

To see more of Leticia Clien’s pictures, click here.

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