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Chris Brown Rihanna KISSING! DATING! (PICTURES)! Rihanna Chris Brown a Couple Girlfriend and Boyfriend, Barbados, Together!

If you google “Rihanna Chris Brown Dating”, the number one result on Google is LALATE’s story that Rihanna and Chris Brown are dating … written months ago!

Because LALATE (courtesy of the excellence and exclusives of Media Take Out’s reporting) told you ages ago that Chris Brown and Rihanna were dating.

Now, mainstream media this week is trying to catch up … with stories over a week old that we’ve told you about!

Today, US Magazine is now reporting that Chris Brown sang to Rihanna at her private birthday party at Les Deux, a story reported to you by LALATE over a week ago. US Mag claims that after the song, the two kissed.

But now even hotter news! Today MediaTakeOut is exclusively reporting that Rihanna jetted off to the Barbados to have national Rihanna day proclaimed …. with the company of Chris Brown at her side!

Ladies, we’ve read your comments here on LALATE. We know you are saddened by this news that your fineeee man has been swept up by the Umbrella. We heart for your grief …

But, loosen your collar because we have now even hotter news than that!

We have (what LALATE calls) even hotter “CBRIRI” details for you!

According to, for “Rihanna Day” Rihanna was made official Ambassador of Barbados for Youth Affairs, given a “piece of land in the exclusive and ritzy Apes Hill of Barbados”, and given company on stage by Chris Brown.

“Rihanna’s boyfriend Chris Brown was invited on stage to help the Bajan superstar cut a birthday cake.”

In the pictures, he can’t possibly be standing any closer to her than he is!

Click here for the pictures

US Source


  1. jazmin

    July 1, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    i love rihanna so much and chris brown to, so i think they used to look a good couple . but i can not believe that chrizzzz brown haded 2 hit her reeeaaaally hard i felt really bad at rihanna cauz her beautiful skin waz all hurt . and chris brown went 2 jail i felt bad at them 2 so bad ):

  2. Shytown

    November 13, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Listen, they’re both young. They’re over the age of 18yrs. and they’re are going to do what they want irregardless of what public opinion is. So either get on board or STFU and keep it moving some of you haters!

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