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LilyLunchBox, BeyonceBox – Beyonce, Eva Mendes, Lily Allen put their Lunchboxes on Auction for Charity!

What does Lily Allen take each day in her Lunchbox? Lots of condoms, honest!

Lily Allen’s lunchbox is one of 100 plus celebrities that have designed lunchboxes for charity that going on sale today. The 2007 Lunchbox Auction is a marvelous cause that takes 100 plus celebrities, has them design lunchboxes, and then puts them up for auction. A great last second holiday gift giving idea! Buy, people, buy!

Beyonce has one …. you know B is going to have the most pimpin’ box in the bag …

Beyonce’s lunch is all bling!

Eva Mendes’ box is caliente.

Lily Allen’s box is a friggen mess.

Great gifts. Buy!

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