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Should Casey Aldridge Face Statutory Rape of Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears?!

Posted: December 20th, 2007 in Casey Aldridge, Jamie Lynn Spears by LALATE

Should Casey Aldridge be charged for statutory rape of Jamie Lynn Spears?!

The law, and how its applied, is allegedly greatly different in U.S. depending on where the two had *.

But what is your opinion? Should he be charged?

What was Casey Aldridge’s real age when they had *? Was it 18 or 19?

Which state law controls this matter? What is the department policy on prosecution of these matters? And will public opinion push a change in that policy?

Those are some of the many questions that websites, talk shows, and parents are asking today, including website CNN news.

There has been no official talk of criminal prosecution in the case, yet.

Should, can, or will, Casey Aldridge face satutory rape of actor Jamie Lynn Spears?

lalate news addresses the legal debate that faces Aldridge and the 16 year old pregnant tv actor.

First, Spears reportedly has told OK! magazine that Aldridge is 18 years old. Other sites question that number.

Second, is it rape or not depends on what state you are in.

“You have a disturbing disparity in how these laws are enforced,” said Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University. “I have no problem at all with nailing adults who sleep with children, but I have a problem with the prosecution of teenagers in consensual relationships. “What this case should focus the nation on is having a more evenhanded approach to these cases.”

According to CNN, in Louisiana, it is a misdemeanor for someone age 17 to 19 to have consensual * with someone age 15 to 17 if the difference between their ages is more than two years. Here Aldridge is reportedly 18, Spears is 16 so he seems fine. Some wesbites suggest he was 19, not 18 at the time; in that case, he could face misdemeanor charges.

But in California, where Spears reportedly lives with her mom Lynn Spears in a condo and tapes her tv show, CNN states it’s a misdemeanor to have * with someone younger than 18 if the offender is less than three years older. Someone more than three years older could be charged with a felony. So if Aldridge was 19 and Spears is 16, he could face felony, not misdemeanor charges.

Third, what the state law says versus whether they acting prosecute is a vastly different story. “Turley said most states have similar laws but rely on prosecutors to be selective in enforcing them” says CNN. “The current laws leave too much to prosecutorial discretion,” Turley said. “We saw in the Wilson case how prosecutorial discretion can lead to grotesque results.”

Finally, what do you think? Do you think Casey Aldridge should, could, or will be prosecuted? In California or elsewhere?

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Casey Aldridge, Jamie Lynn Spears

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Latest Comments:

4 Responses to 'Should Casey Aldridge Face Statutory Rape of Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears?!'

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  1. on December 20th, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    [...] Should Casey Aldridge Face Statutory Rape? [...]

  2. Jamies 1 Fan said,

    on October 22nd, 2008 at 11:32 pm

    I dont think that Casy should be chared becasue it looks like they love each other and look ther having another baby i think so they must love each other vary mush and they have the cutiest baby girl in the world Maddie Briann Aldribge the worlds #1 CUTIES BABY EVERY!!!!
    S their is my thought that Casy should not be charged for getting Jamie pragnet and for getting her pragnet again so like let it go please so they can get on with their lives and stop telling everything that you hear or that the family tells you casue it is not really for the world to now about.

  3. Rob said,

    on May 31st, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    No one should be charged for anything. In the UK the age of consent is sixteen and Japan its fourteen. This law isn’t protecting anyone this is just legislation of morality

  4. May said,

    on June 23rd, 2010 at 4:08 am

    oh my god her head is big.

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