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Celebrity Eco Christmas in Barneys Window

Al Gore and Bono are in your Christmas, literally, this Holiday Season at Barneys New York. The department opened their spectacular Holiday windows to shoppers with a suprising theme.

Barneys New York this year for Christmas is green, very green, featuring faces of celebs like Bette Midler, Bono, even Al Gore for an eco-themed Christmas! (You know Al Gore invented Christmas also, don’t you.)

The store’s theme this year is to be green, while spending green, featuring a tree fabricated from FSC-certified wood spreads (we have no idea what that is).

The windows yet again are designed by the brilliance of Barneys creative director Simon Doonan with an eco tree from “Green Depot” as the centerpiece of the holiday display.

“The window displays at Barneys set the creative bar for so many in the retail industry and the fact that they had an interest in using credible ‘green’ materials like Ivy Wood for this year’s construction is very gratifying,” says Green Depot founder Sarah Beatty.

The store ties in products with the same theme including organic denim and cashmere.


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