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Amy Fisher.com – lalate news exclusive about AmyFisher domain name

LALATE NEWS EXCLUSIVE – New questions surrounding the domain name AmyFisher.com! Does Amy Fisher own AmyFisher.com, or not?

Moments ago, lalate news broke yet another exclusive into the Amy Fisher s** tape scandal, that domain name AmyFisher.com is now being used to help sell the Fisher flick going on sale November 14, 2007. Amyfisher.com is currently pointing all traffic to the home video seller’s website.

Now, tonight, lalate investigation poses a major question – Does Amy Fisher currently own AmyFisher.com?

We have major new details for you.

Our investigation has revealed that a September 2004  NY Times article states, that as of 2004, Amy Fisher was in fact the owner of the domain name AmyFisher.com!

The article states: “[Fisher] fought successfully to reclaim the Internet address amyfisher.com from a group running it as a pornographic Web site.”

But does she still own the website?

Our investigation has revealed that the domain name was “created February 24, 2000″ and was “updated October 29, 2007″.

Has Amy Fisher remained the owner of the website since 2004?

Website “WayBackMachine” enables users to see a snapshot of a website a fixed date in history. You can see what a website looked a date in history. So we went to the website http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://amyfisher.com  to see what Amyfisher.com looked like most recently. According to the archives, as of January 8, 2007, AmyFisher.com stated it was her official site selling her book. The last entry, August 18, 2007, still states it is her official website.

Source: NYPost, Image: TVSquad


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  3. Britt

    December 31, 2007 at 2:55 am

    who the hell is amy fisher? I dont remember any of her work….. but she looks old you’d think she would know about hollywood and sextapes. She is sooo dumb.

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