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Britney Spears s** Tape Online?! An lalate exclusive investigation!

Today new video and video stills of what is claimed to be perhaps Britney Spears in a s** tape have appeared online. The s** tape allegedly was taken by a 28 year old without Spears’ permission during a one night stand in Hawaii.

However, lalate can exclusively tell you that we believe the clips online to not be her. Spears can have one major defense to any alleged s** tape rumor : her tattoos!

Major fans of Spears are already in the know about where Brit’s tattoos are on her body and posting comments against gossip bloggers saying they have the tape.

Brit has a good amount of ink! But do they appear in these vids and pics? Hell no!

One site claims Spears’ tattoos include a six inch fairy tattoo on her bottom, daisy on her foot, and a Chinese symbol on her stomach as well as matching dice she had done with her estranged husband Kevin Federline. Another site adds that she has the above tattoo on her hand.

In the videos and pictures surfacing online today not one of them show a girl with any of those tattoos. In fact, the girl is also too skinny to be the current Britney.

It is as yet unknown if she will have her K-Fed tattoo removed.

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Source: lalate

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