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Jamie Lynn Spears – Britney and Mom fight over her career future

Britney Spears is fighting with someone else again, now her mom, about her sister Jamie Lynn’s career.

Britney is trying to get her sister to join her label, Jive Records. But mom Lynne wants to control the teenage Spears’ career herself.

A source has said that

“Lynne was responsible for Britney’s hugely successful career. Now she is focusing on helping Jamie Lynn achieve the same level of fame. But Britney doesn’t want Jamie Lynn to end up like her. Jamie Lynn loves them both and doesn’t know what to do.”

A spokesman for Jive Records commented: “She’s highly talented but she’s not on our books.”

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Source: Widely Reported. Picture Credit: unknown


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  2. jay

    December 26, 2007 at 9:55 pm

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