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Dancing with the Stars 2014 Results Tonight Prompts Elimination

Who Got Eliminated on Dancing with the Stars Tonight? Live DWTS Results Tonight

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AP Top 25 NCAA College Football Rankings Today

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EPL Table 2014 Results | English Premier League Rankings | Manchester United Score | Arsenal Score

EPL Table- Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Hull City, Everton. Plus La Liga Spanish Primera Table

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Liga MX Table 2014 En Vivo Results

Liga Mx Table Futbol Partido - America, Cruz Azul | Plus the Copa MX Table 2014

Copa MX Apertura Results 2014 En Vivo Prompt Standings, Rankings Today

Posted: September 23rd, 2014 in Copa MX, Soccer by LALATE

Copa MX Apertura Results 2014 En Vivo Prompt Standings, Rankings Today

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Copa MX Apertura 2014 Results (resultados) just got underway tonight (en vivo live score results below) with several futbol partidos. Among the earlier games tonight are Atlante vs. Mérida 2014. Later tonight, at 7 pm PST, several of the powerhouses of the Liga MX Table take to the field in their round of Copa Mexico soccer games this evening 9/23/14, with soccer highlights airing in part on Univision Deportes en vivo.

The Copa MX Apertura results so far have delivered some surprises. In Group 1, Tigres is out in first with eleven points followed by Queretaro with nine points. In Group 2, Santos Laguna has that first place position also sporting eleven points. Atlético San Luis however has impressed news with nine points and a tied second place rank. They are currently tied with Monterrey also sporting nine points.

In Group 3, Guadalajara is dominating. They are holding thirteen points ahead of Deportivo, with nine, and Tijuana, with six. Group 4 has been a easy ride for Atlas, however. They are far out in first with fifteen points. The same is true of Puebla, sporting first with fifteen points in Group 5. In Group 6, Merida is out in first with fifteen points followed by Toluca, with nine, and Pumas, with six. And finally, group 7 has been the surprise with Veracruz in third and holding only seven points, and Chiapas, in last with only five points.

Meantime, the leading goalscorer has been Edgar Benitz. The Toluca star has four goals. Also sporting four goals is Renteria of Santos Laguna, Pabon of Monterrey, Herrera of Pumas and Jesus of Queretaro. For en vivo live score results of all of tonight’s games click HERE.

Dancing with the Stars 2014 Results Tonight 9/23 Battle DWTS Elimination Twist

Posted: September 23rd, 2014 in DWTS, Dancing with the Stars by LALATE

Dancing with the Stars 2014 Results Tonight 9/23 Battle DWTS Elimination Twist

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who got eliminated in Dancing with the Stars result tonight 9/23/14, who will get the DWTS elimination for week 2, and did Dancing with the Stars results last night leave a possible twist for results this evening? If you watched last season, you recall that several of the lowest scoring dancers advanced week to week. Such has happened off and on for several season, but not consistently. Last week, lowest scoring dancer Betsey Johnson appeared to be the front runner to be eliminated. But she wasn’t. Tonight’s elimination predictions for September 23, 2041 contend that Michael Waltrip will be sent home.

Dancing with the Stars results last night mirrored week one in a single respect. One dancer last night, like in week one, had a substantially lower score than the rest of the contestants. In week one, that dancer was Betsey Johnson. But eventually she survived elimination results during week one. Last night on DWTS, she improved. Betsey ended with a twenty-eight score and tied with three other dancers. They were Randy Couture, Tavis Smiley, and Tommy Chong.

But also last night, Waltrip really struggled. He picked up a mere twenty-four score, four points lower that Johnson and the other three. In fact, many viewers thought his “24″ score was exceptionally generous and quite inflated. Tonight, Michael Waltrip enters as the clear contestant to face DWTS elimination.

However, several dancers are clearly breaking away from the field this season and hoping to easily advance to the semifinals. They are Lea Thompson, with a thirty-five last night, Janel Parrish, with a thirty-four, Bethany Mota, with a thirty-three, and Alfonso Ribiero, with a thirty-two.

Meantime, there are group of dancers in the middle of the pack after last night. Any of them being sent home would a surprise. Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Cheryl Burke are among them, picking up a thirty-one on the rumba last night. Added to the pack are Sadie Robertson, scoring a thirty-one on the jazz, and Johnathan Bennett, earning a thirty in his routine. For live elimination results tonight at 9 pm EST, click HERE.

Logan Reese Below Deck: Does Jennice Ontiveros Date Kelley Johnson?

Posted: September 23rd, 2014 in Below Deck by LALATE

Logan Reese Below Deck: Does Jennice Ontiveros Date Kelley Johnson?

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Logan Reese joins Below Deck tonight. He replaces Andrew Sturby, whose image is also replaced in promotional images on BravoTV this week as well. But quickly Below Deck makes it appear that Jennice Ontiveros is “moving on” from Kelley Johnson to now Logan. But Amy Johnson and Kat Held are interested in bedding Logan Reese.

Below Deck’s Logan joins the cast tonight and immediate sets off a time bomb. The deck crew like him. Eddie says “First impressions are good. He is tall, strong”. But Kat is checking out something else. “He is on hot – son of a …” Jennice, who has a boyfriend, has just rejected Kelley, who has a girlfriend. But tonight, Jennice suggests she is interested in Logan as well.

Quickly, Amy Johnson is ready to get into the hot tub with Logan. But before they can go below deck with their romance, guess who walks in? The alleged cheater herself, Kat Held. Tonight’s fans are told that Kat allegedly tried to steal Amy’s boyfriend by allegedly hooking up with him while he was dating Amy. Tonight, Amy’s eyes roll when Kat wants to cozy up to Logan after Amy has marked her territory. “I just wanted some alone time with Logan!” fumes Amy.

No word if Vicki Gunvalson likes Logan. He is “born and raised in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Logan Reese attended Oklahoma State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant administration.”

Below Deck Adrienne Gang Returns as a Passenger, Channels Brandi Glanville

Posted: September 23rd, 2014 in Below Deck by LALATE

Below Deck Adrienne Gang Returns as a Passenger, Channels Brandi Glanville

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Below Deck’s Adrienne Gang returns tonight as a passenger and does her best Brandi Glanville moment. Adrienne evokes all the bells and whistles of the Bravo playbook. And while she is no Brandi Glanville or Victoria Gotti, she is ready to go in for the kill. Her target is about as predictable as Chef Ben’s meals being served late: Kat.

What happened to Adrienne Gang on Below Deck? That was the number one issue of puzzlement when the revamped show returned for a second season. Old faces were gone, new faces were added. During season one, BravoTV’s bio for Adrienne ironically at the bottom one of cast bios listed her age purportedly as “29″ and then at the top of the same page listed her age as “31″. “A veteran of the yacht industry, chief stewardess Adrienne Gang lives by the philosophy work hard, play hard.” But tonight, she is ready to return with shocking accusations against Kat, Amy and an unnamed boyfriend.

Last season, Andy Cohen asked Adrienne about the alleged fake boyfriend. BravoTV wrote last season “During one trip aboard the Honor with a crew of women, she let her hair down—literally—and openly flirted with the guests, prompting her co-workers to wonder whether she’s a lesbian.” During the reunion, Andy asked her “are you a chameleon or a lesbian”. She replied “I’m a chameleon. It is part of the job to adapt to whatever you are doing. I was happy to let down my guard. These women had awesome energy.”

Kat Held Cheated with Amy Johnson’s Boyfriend Before Below Deck?

Posted: September 23rd, 2014 in Amy Johnson, Below Deck, Kat Held by LALATE

Kat Held Cheated with Amy Johnson's Boyfriend Before Below Deck

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – What happened between Kat and Amy on Below Deck? The mysterious “past” between Kate Held and Amy Johnson of Below Deck is revealed tonight on BravoTV. Adrienne visits the show and claims that Kat Held slept with Amy Johnson’s boyfriend when Amy was sick. Adrienne claims that Amy caught her boyfriend cheating on her with Kat, while on a boat.

The entire “Kate and Amy” mystery has been growing all season long. Kate Chastain has asked of them to reveal what happened. But neither is telling the story. Tonight, Adrienne rejoins the show to make Kat look as bad as she can. “I heard something about Kat and Amy not getting along”, one charter guest asks Adrienne. Adrienne say “our industry is very small”. Another charter guest asks Adrienne “a lesbian thing? She [Kat Held] hooked up with her brother [Kelley Johnson]?” Adrienne says “no” to each.

But in true Bravo form, there is a rumor, an accusation, and it’s about to break up the boat family. Adrienne tell news “Kat and Amy were working on a boat together and Amy had some wisdom teeth taken out so she was really sick and under the weather.” Adrienne adds “this guy that Amy really liked came over to visit Amy. But Kat ended up … him in the next room.” And Adrienne goes in for the kill. “And Amy caught them!”

North Albion Collegiate Institute Stabbing Death Today: Attacker Sought

Posted: September 23rd, 2014 in Teachers by LALATE

North Albion Collegiate Institute Stabbing Death Today: Attacker Sought

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A North Albion Collegiate Institute stabbing death today has left a campus still on lockdown. The North Albion Collegiate Institute stabbing left a student dead today September 23, 2014, and the attacker is believed to be a fellow student. The attacker’s whereabouts are unknown.

The Toronto, Canada campus erupted into violence just after 12:40 pm today 9/23/14. One student reportedly approached a fellow student in the school’s halfway. The attacker then allegedly slashed the victim’s face, stabbed him in the stomach, and left him to die, while fleeing the area. EMT responding to the facility tell news that the male victim, a 19 year old student, was unresponsive. He died upon arrival at a local area hospital.

The campus as of 3 pm EST was still on lockdown. Toronto DSB tweeted “Highfield JS & Beaumonde Heights JMS in Hold & Secure as result of police investigation at North Albion CI, which is in Lockdown.”

The attacker is believed to be an African American, 5′7”. He is reportedly wearing dark pants and a white t-shirt. Supt. Ron Taverner tells City News that no other details about the attacker are currently known. “Obviously in a school, kids should feel protected.” A news briefing is expected within the hour. No further details about the victim have yet to be released.

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