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Steelers vs Panthers 2014 Score: Ben Roethlisberger Battles Cam Newtown

Posted: September 21st, 2014 in Football, Panthers, Steelers by LALATE

Steelers vs Panthers 2014 Score: Ben Roethlisberger Battles Cam Newtown

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Steelers vs Panthers 2014 (live score results below) heats up the NFL Football Sunday primetime telecast tonight. The football game this evening September 21, 2014 heads to NBC and features Ben Roethlisberger battling Cam Newton.

Tonight’s Steelers vs Panthers 2014 game (start time 5:30 PM PST) features the Panthers looking for their third win of the season. They are 2-0 and 1-0 at home. The Steelers in turn are 1-1 overall and 0-1 on the road. So far this season, Roethlisberger has delivered 582 yards with a sixty-three percent completion rate. He has passed for one touchdown and two interceptions. Newton, in turn, is boasting one touchdown, no interceptions. Cam has 281 yards passing on a sixty-five percent completion rate.

Bell leads Steelers rushing with one touchdown, in thirty-two carries, producing one hundred sixty-eight yards. Williams, in turn, tops Carolina rushing with no touchdowns. But he has delivered seventy-two yards on fourteen carries. Meantime, Brown leads Steelers receiving. He has one touchdown in twelve catches, producing 206 yards. But Olsen and Benjamin both have one touchdown for Cam this season, delivering fourteen and eight catches respectfully.

So far the Steelers have allowed 712 yards against them this season. So what is wrong with the Steelers’ defense? “It’s all something that needs to be addressed and quickly rectified,” coach Mike Tomlin told ESPN this week. “We’re two games into this one. Hopefully by the time we’re able to compare this year to last or any year for that matter over a 16-, 19-game schedule or 20-game schedule if you will (that) we’ll have a better showing than we have to this point.” For live score of this and all other NFL games today click HERE.

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date: Joe Giudice To Get Amber Marchese Reaction?

Posted: September 21st, 2014 in Amber Marchese, Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice by LALATE

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date: Joe Giudice Gets Amber Marchese Reaction

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Teresa Giudice sentencing date is just weeks away. But the real key to the Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice sentencing hearing could rest in not the Giudices themselves but co-stars’ reactions. In fact, LALATE can exclusively report that BravoTV had a similar production test several weeks ago down south, with the Apollo Nida hearing.

The Teresa Giudice sentencing date has left viewers and BravoTV producers a bit confused as to how it will air, and when it will air. But LALATE can exclusively report that the network got a similar test earlier this summer. LALATE can report that in the days leading up to Apollo Nida’s sentencing hearing, several RHOA cast members were not in town. But when the sentence was handed down, Bravo got those cast into town and captured their reaction(s). Moreover, LALATE can additionally report, that while there was about at 60 minute delay until news of the ruling was filtered out of the court room, several RHOA cast members already knew Apollo’s sentence. How did RHOA cast know about Nida’s sentence after it was announced in court, but sixty minutes before it got to press outside the courtroom’s doors? That will be revealed next season on RHOA, LALATE can report.

The Teresa Giudice sentencing may evoke no emotional facial reaction from Teresa or Joe. Hence, BravoTV is likely to have one or more cast members prepared, with a camera crew, when the ruling is announced. The top candidates, LALATE believes, are Amber Marchese and Jacqueline Laurita. Since Dina Manzo is not good at expressive emotions this season on camera, she is not expected to make the cut. Amber has told news that she is not proud of her crying scene earlier this season on RHONJ. But nearly a year later in production, Marchese is now clearly more aware of how reality production is geared.

It is highly unlikely that the RHONJ twins will be used for much footage during the sentencing. This week, Teresa Aprea had no tears, rather denouncing TG for her comments to and after Victoria Gotti. “Especially interesting how Teresa Giudice responded to Amber on this episode by saying she has enough on her plate with her own problems, when it was Teresa who brought Victoria around to spread these lies for the world to hear. What kind of person does this? I signed up for this show not my mother. There used to be a line of respect when it comes to parents and children. I guess these types of people don’t live by those standards with which I was raised. ” For now, the Teresa Giudice sentencing date originally set for September 23 has now been rolled over to October 2, 2014 before by U.S. District Judge Esther Salas. For more click HERE.

Rino Aprea Cheated on Teresa with Santa? Twins Battle Dina Manzo & Gelato

Posted: September 21st, 2014 in Dina Manzo, Rino Aprea, Teresa Aprea by LALATE

Rino Aprea Cheated on Teresa with Santa? Twins Battle Dina Manzo & Gelato

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Did Rino Aprea cheat on Teresa Aprea with her mother Santa? Tonight the RHONJ Twins battle Dina Manzo. But LALATE can also report that they are ironically getting the iced-over reaction from Teresa Giudice as well. This week, Teresa Giudice tells BravoTV viewers that she has no time to hear about the Rino Aprea rumors. But in the same breath, Giudice tells fans there is something more important to worry about: reminding them to buy her Fabulicious Gelato.

The “did Rino Aprea cheat on Teresa Aprea” rumor returns tonight, as predicted first by LALATE. The “moderator” is Dina Manzo, who starts talking about the Aprea family after she clearing does not want BravoTV talking about her and Caroline Mazon’s feud.  In fact, tonight BravoTV makes clear that, behind the Giudice criminal trial storyline, the Rino-Santa rumor is the subplot of the season. But what does Teresa G think of the scandal allegations (which the Aprea family denies and calls false)?

In not so fabulicious style this week, Giudice tells fans “I told her then, I want nothing to do with it. But it was obvious to the other girls that we were talking about something, and they all asking me to tell them what it was. I didn’t want to be involved at all, so I didn’t tell anyone — not even my husband!” Teresa adds “So while I wanted to forget the rumor, Amber pulled me aside in front of everyone at Dina’s Ladybug planning party to talk about it some more. I told her then, I want nothing to do with it. But it was obvious to the other girls that we were talking about something, and they all asking me to tell them what it was. I didn’t want to be involved at all, so I didn’t tell anyone — not even my husband!”

Giudice doesn’t forget something else, however: the plug for another product. “I guess we’ll all see together what went down in Florida and how the story evolves…. I’m so excited for you all to try my amazing new Fabulicious Gelato.”

Teresa Aprea is not feeling Fabulicious about this scandal storyline. She tell news “I have been totally disgusted with what Victoria, Teresa Giudice, and Amber have brought to this show. That repulsive episode of lies brought my parents, my son, and my nephews a lot of pain. And it didn’t stop there. Jim Marchese took it further and continued to spew these lies all over the media. What kind of a man would go after mothers and children? ” BravoTV says of tonight’s episode that a trip turns sour when “a secret Dina holds about the twins’ family threatens to derail the trip.” No word how fabulicious tonight’s ratings will be.

Victoria Gotti Becoming the Next New Jersey Housewife? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: September 21st, 2014 in RHONJ, Victoria Gotti by LALATE

Victoria Gotti Becoming the Next New Jersey Housewife? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Is Victoria Gotti becoming the next New Jersey housewife to join RHONJ in 2015? Victoria Gotti’s bombshell accusation this season appeared out of place, out of context, and out of bounds when it was delivered this season on RHONJ. But it is unlikely that Gotti delivering such a stunning accusation for BravoTV’s reportedly nominal guest-role appearance fee. It is likely that Bravo production paid Gotti more than a standard guest role for a rumor that tonight resurfaces, in Florida no less.

As reported earlier this season on RHONJ by LALATE, the Victoria Gotti revelation delivers a season storyline arch. In the words of Kyle Richards, “When you bring it up, we are giving it a platform.” And tonight, the Rino-Santa storyline becomes the secondary plotline behind the Giudice criminal trial.

The storyline of the Victoria Gotti accusation is now clear to viewers. But there real question is how this accusation got woven into production in the first place. The scene was clearly plotted out. Production features Gotti ironically just hearing that Teresa is in the neighborhood, Gotti visiting Teresa at an event, and inviting Teresa back to her house, to suddenly deliver the bombshell rumor that will carry the entire season’s scandal allegation.

No one believes that is how it happened. Did someone from the cast tell production about Gotti’s accusations? For now it remains a mystery how, where and why production learned about the rumor. But in the world of a reality TV, no one believes that a stunning accusation just happens to get filmed randomly and then propels an entire season of production.

Teresa Giudice tell news “I was the unfortunate … when Victoria told Amber about the rumor, and wished I never heard it from the get-go. I just met Teresa and Rino and didn’t know them from Adam. Victoria was interested in getting Amber’s opinion since Amber had been friends with them for years.” Teresa adds “The information bothered Victoria and I think she saw a way to finally put it to rest by asking one of Teresa and Nicole’s friends if it was true. I think Victoria was expecting Amber to have heard this rumor before because it apparently was so well known around their neck of the woods, deny it, and stand up for her friends. We’ve all come to learn though that Amber’s reactions aren’t quite what any of us expect.” If Teresa potentially goes to prison, Bravo might not have to look far for a major controversy next season: the twins taking on Victoria Gotti.

Guadalajara vs. Querétaro 2014 Score Prompts Liga MX Table Results

Posted: September 21st, 2014 in Guadalajara, Liga MX, Querétaro, Soccer by LALATE

Guadalajara vs. Querétaro 2014 Score Prompts Liga MX Table Results

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Guadalajara vs. Querétaro 2014 (en vivo live score results below) delivers the final Liga MX Apertura game today. The futbol partido today 9/21 ends a big weekend of surprises results.

Today’s Guadalajara vs. Querétaro 2014 game (start time 3 pm PST) features number eleven ranked Queretaro taking on number thirteen Guadalajara. They are only two points apart. Querétaro is sporting eleven points and is only two points out of fifth or sixth position. Querétaro has three loses and two draws in their last five games. Guadalajara has three wins, and two draws, in their last five games. And they are sporting nine points, only two points out of tenth position.

Querétaro in recent weeks has struggled. In the Liga, Querétaro has fallen to Cruz Azul and Monterrey. Querétaro in turn has drawed with Puebla. After today, Querétaro next faces Toluca, Atlas and Leon in upcoming Liga games. In the Copa, Querétaro fell to Tigres but drawed with Altamira. Querétaro faces Tigres next week in Copa action.

Guadalajara has in recent Liga games beaten UG, and drawed with Veracruz. They next face Puebla, Toluca and Atlas, in Liga matches. In the Copa, they recently beat Tijuana and Zacatepec. After today, they battle Tijuana again next week in Copa action. For live score results tonight click HERE.

Chiefs vs Dolphins 2014 Score: Smith Looks for Win Sunday

Posted: September 21st, 2014 in Chiefs, Dolphins, Football by LALATE

Chiefs vs Dolphins 2014 Score: Smith Looks for Win Sunday

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Chiefs vs Dolphins 2014 (live scores results below) is currently underway in Sunday’s NFL Football game. Current score is 0-0. Nine minutes remain before halftime.

Today’s Chiefs vs Dolphins 2014 game features the Chiefs looking for their first win this season. They are 0-2 currently. The Dolphins in turn are 1-1. The game is airing in CBS in select markets. So far this season, Smith has through a mere single touchdown pass, but allowed three interceptions. He has a fifty-eight percent completion rate on 457 yards passed. Tannehill in turn has three touchdown passes, two interceptions. He has delivered a sixty percent completion rate with 419 cards.

Davis leads KC rushing. He has delivered two touchdown runs in twenty-three caries, producing eighty-two yards. Moreno, in turn, tops Miami rushing. He has produced one touchdown run, on twenty-five caries, delivering 138 yards.

Meantime, Kelce boasts seven receptions for the Chiefs, but no touchdown catches, delivering 130 yards. Wallace, in turn, has delivered two touchdowns in twelve receptions, producing 137 yards.

Before today’s game, ESPN asked Smith his thoughts about the season. “It’s not where you hoped to be two weeks ago,” Smith said. “It’s a long season though. … The mentality is let’s win this week, put some things together and you never know.” Meantime, Tannehill is not pleased with his performance either. “I haven’t been at my best,” Tannehill said. “It has got to change, and it has got to change fast. I look forward to going out Sunday and changing it.” For live score of this and all other NFL games today click HERE.

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