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Peru Earthquake Today 2014: Terremoto Strikes Camana

Posted: October 30th, 2014 in Earthquake, Peru by LALATE

Peru Earthquake Today 2014: Terremoto Strikes Camana

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A 5.0 Peru earthquake today struck in the evening hours. The terremoto en Peru hoy, a massive temblor hoy near the coast, began in the evening hours. Damage assessment is pending.

USGS indicates to news that a 5.0 magnitude Peru earthquake today started just after 4:37 pm local time. The quake was moderately shallow. Reps tell news that the quake started forty miles below ground level. As a result the quake could be felt across the vicinity.

UGSS tells news that the terremoto en Peru hoy began just seventy miles west of Camana, it was one hundred four miles east of Puquio, and roughly one hundred miles east of Minas de Marcona. The quake was also approximately one hundred twenty-four miles east of Mollendo as well. Reps tell the quake was approximately three hundred sixty-two miles southeast of Lima.

Peru has suffered several quakes in recent years. In February 2013, a Peru quake began only nine miles west of Huarancante, officials tell news. The quake was forty-one miles north of Arequipa and eighty-eighty miles northeast of Mollendo. The quake could also be felt ninety-one miles southwest of Ayaviri. The quake erupted only twelve miles below the earth’s surface and registered a 5.2 magnitude at the time.

USGS indicates to news that “Large intermediate-depth earthquakes (those occurring between depths of approximately 70 and 300 km) are relatively limited in size and spatial extent in South America, and occur within the Nazca plate as a result of internal deformation within the subducting plate.” They add “These earthquakes generally cluster beneath northern Chile and southwestern Bolivia, and to a lesser extent beneath northern Peru and southern Ecuador, with depths between 110 and 130 km.”

Saints vs Panthers 2014 Score: Brees Battles Newton For 4th Win

Posted: October 30th, 2014 in Football, Panthers, Saints by LALATE

Saints vs Panthers 2014 Score: Brees Battles Newton For 4th Win

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Saints vs Panthers 2014 (live score results below) are currently on the field in tonight’s NFL Football game for 10/30/14. Current score is still 0-0. The game has eight minutes left in the first quarter.

Tonight’s Saints vs Panthers 2014 football game features two teams both fighting for their fourth win of the season. The Saints are 3-4 and 0-4 on he road. The Panthers are 3-4-1, and 2-2 at home. This Thursday NFL football game is airing on NBC.

So far this season, Brees has delivered fourteen touchdown passes, seven interceptions. That has resulted in 2227 yards passing with a seventy percent completion rate. Newton in turn has eight touchdown passes, four interceptions. That has resulted in 1643 yards passing with a sixty percent completion rate.

On rushing, Ingram has delivered four touchdown runs in fifty-eight carries, producing 331 yards for New Orleans. Stewart in turn has one touchdown run in fifty-eighth carries producing 217 yards. Meantime on receiving, Graham has delivered four touchdown catches in thirty-nine receptions, producing 435 yards for New Orleans. Benjamin in turn has delivered five touchdown catches in thirty-eight reapportions, producing 571 yards.

The Panthers tell news this week that they have the mindset to win. “If you said at the start of training camp or OTAs, ‘hey, you have a chance in Week 9 to be playing for first place, would you take it?’ Yeah, I’d take it,” offensive coordinator Mike Shula told his team’s news site. “That’s the mindset. You have to keep moving forward and forget about what’s happened.” But after recent lackluster results, can the Panthers win tonight? “It’s tough when you don’t score touchdowns and miss opportunities,” coach Ron Rivera tells ESPN. “You have to make hay down in the red zone.” For live score results tonight click HERE.

TS Vance 2014 Mexico Projected Path Updated by National Hurricane Center

Posted: October 30th, 2014 in Hurricane by LALATE

TS Vance 2014 Mexico Projected Path Updated by National Hurricane Center

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – TS Vance 2014’s Mexico projected path has been updated by the National Hurricane Center tonight. Tropical Storm Vance developed tonight. Officials report that Vance is now “the 20th named storm of the season”.

The National Hurricane Center tells new that the Tropical Storm Vance Projected Path includes Mexico. He is currently about 415 miles south of Acapulco, Mexico, officials tell news. Vance is traveling at 5 mph. But there “are no coastal watches or warnings in effect.”

The strengthening of Tropical Storm Vance was first being tracked just after 2 pm PST today. Officials report that Tropical Storm Vance is now “moving toward the west near 5 mph…7 km/h. A turn toward the west-southwest is forecast later today… with a southwestward motion expected on Friday.” Officials add that “Vance should turn back toward the west on Saturday.”

Officials today not currently believe that Tropical Storm Vance will become Hurricane Vance this Halloween. Rather “maximum sustained winds have increased to near 40 mph.. with higher gusts. ” Yet “some strengthening is forecast during the next 48 hours.” But hurricane status is not yet likely. “Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 45 miles…from the center. The estimated minimum central pressure is 1005 mb…29.68 inches.” No hazards, winds, flooding, or surf alerts have been issued. For continuing coverage click HERE.

Florida State vs Louisville 2014 Score Ignites AP Top 25 College Football

Posted: October 30th, 2014 in AP Top 25, College Football by LALATE

Florida State vs Louisville 2014 Score Ignites AP Top 25 College Football

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Florida State vs Louisville 2014 (live score results below) are currently in the second quarter of today’s AP Top 25 College Football Poll battle. And current score is now 0-7. Michael Dyer just scored on a four yard touchdown run. Twelve minutes remain in the half.

Today’s Florida State vs Louisville 2014 game features number two Florida State taking on the AP Top 25 number twenty-five ranked team Louisville. Florida State is 7-0 overall and 4-0 in the ACC. Louisville in turn is 6-2 overall and 4-2 in the ACC. So far this season, Winston has thirteen touchdown passes, six interceptions. That has resulted in a seventy-one percent completion rate with 1878 yards passed. Gardner in turn has eleven touchdown passes with two interceptions. That has resulted in a mere fifty-seven percent completion rate with 1151 yards passes.

On rushing, Williams leads Florida State numbers with seven touchdown runs in eighty-two carries, producing 3789 yards. Radcliff for Louisville in turn has six touchdown runs in seven-five carries, producing 389 yards. On receiving, Florida State’s Greene has impressed news with 791 yards in four touchdown catches, in fifty-two receptions. Quick in turn has three touchdown catches for Louisville in thirty receptions, producing 4751 yards.

This week, Gardner praised Louisville’s DeVante Parker. He told his team’s news site “It’s great to have him back. I think it puts a lot of pressure on the defense to have him back there. He is one of the best wide receivers in the country and it gave us a big lift.” For live score results today click HERE.

Tamar Braxton Shades Traci Braxton New Album: BFV Viewers Upset – EXCLUSIVE

Posted: October 30th, 2014 in Tamar Braxton, Traci Braxton by LALATE

Tamar Braxton Shades Traci Braxton New Album: BFV Viewers Upset - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Tamar Braxton’s shade comments about Traci Braxton’s new album are upsetting many Braxton Family Values and Tamar and Vince viewers, LALATE can report. Tamar Braxton to promote The Real and Tamar and Vince this fall has been delivering her round of shade against everyone from K Michelle to Kenya Moore. And while fans understand and enjoy Tamar’s use of jabs against other reality TV stars, Tamar’s recent insults are striking a different cord. Tamar Braxton this week not only insulted her own sister Traci Braxton but went a step further, insulting Traci’s music. Tamar implied that Traci’s music would never win a Grammy Award, citing herself as an authority on how to win a Grammy.

Tamar Braxton disrespected Traci’s solo album “Crash and Burn”. Of the album, according to Hello Beautiful, Tamar said “Do the Grammys have a duet with auto tune category yet? Cause…(chair emoticon) (thumbs down emoticon”. Tamar later deleted the tweet.

Traci later told Juicy Magazine that Tamar is just again acting as “the baby sister. She is spoiled here, she’s going to be spoiled”. But Traci also told news that she loves Tamar.

Fans however are not so happy with Tamar’s remarks about Traci’s music, LALATE can report. Some viewers are remarking that Tamar’s comments about Traci’s musical ambitions go far beyond simple shade and are simply disrespectful. Others are claiming that the comments are ironic, after Tamar has accused her own sisters of not supporting her Tamar’s musical achievements. And lastly, some other viewers claim that it is all a carefully orchestrated media play to draw attention to the album, and to Tamar & Vince.

Wichita, Kansas Plane Crash Today 10/30: 2 Dead, 4 Injured from Beechcraft

Posted: October 30th, 2014 in Crash by LALATE

Wichita, Kansas Plane Crash Today 10/30: 2 Dead, 4 Injured from Beechcraft

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Wichita, Kansas plane crash today October 30, 2014 has left two dead, and four injured. The Wichita, Kansas plane crash involved a Beechcraft King Air attempting to depart from Wichita, Kansas Mid Continental Airport, as reported earlier on LALATE.

The Wichita, Kansas plane crash scene is currently be investigated by FAA officials. NTSB officials are en route. FAA tells news that “just before 10 am CT, the pilot of a twin engine Beechraft King Air reportedly losing engine power just after takeoff from Wichita Mid Continental Airport. The aircraft crashed into building on airport property while attempting to return to the runaway.” Senator Jerry Moran of Kamas issued a prompted statement reading “Thinking of Wichita right now as emergency crews are on scene of a plane crash at Mid-Continent Airport. Hoping everyone is okay”.

The airport is open. Daniel McCoy of hte Wichita Biz Journal tweeted “Could have been as many as 100 in building at time of crash”. He added “Fire is out, but building is unstable in ICT crash. No other buildings beside flight safety affected”.

Officials are telling people to avoid the KITC airport today. KANE News just tweeted “911 Dispatchers asking everyone to avoid KICT airport due to the plane crash; only people with incoming/outgoing flights need to be there”. Kane his also reporting that two persons are dead and four are hurt.

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