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Lilly Ghalichi Leaves Shahs of Sunset: What Happened to Lilly on Shahs? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: March 2nd, 2015 in Lilly Ghalichi, Shahs of Sunset by LALATE

Lilly Ghalichi Leaves Shahs of Sunset: What Happened to Lilly? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Lilly Ghalichi won’t be on Shahs of Sunset when the new 2015 season debuts tonight. So what happened to Lilly on Shahs, where is Lilly on Shahs of Sunset, and why did Lilly quit? LALATE exclusively reported in 2014 that a Lilly Ghalichi departure from Shahs of Sunset was inevitable. The reality star was gone from several later episodes in 2014. And in the season finale, producers filmed Lilly, alone, eating take-out food, at her condo with her dog Coconut.

Lilly Ghalichi’s left Shahs of Sunset and prepared that exit during the filming of that 2014 season, LALATE can report. She was gone from multiple cast trips. And the big revelation was the Palm Springs trip. While the cast celebrated Reza and his engagement, Lilly was left alone at home. While she was popular among fans, she did not fit the show featuring debauchery, excess, and the occasional slip and slide.

Several episodes passed with her appearing nominally or not at all. And while she did appear for the Reunion per contractual obligations, her appearance in episodes leading up to the finale was short. Finally, in the last episode, producers appeared to piece together B role pickup footage of Lilly simply eating at her apartment. The footage provided no storyline. But the message was clear. Lilly was not part of this group, and was more happy at home with takeout and Coconut than rather filming with theses Shahs.

Tonight the mystery remains if producers will do a Patti Stanger and not explain during the show “what happened to Lilly”. Don’t expect to see Lilly. But don’t be surprised if the cast makes little or no mention of Lilly.

Typically BravoTV does not have a great track record of telling viewers what happened to exiting cast members. In other cases, however, they use those exits to create new jabs. At the start of the last RHOC season, Tamra Barney told news that she and the women “ran off” Gretchen Rossi, and said that the new cast member, Lizzie, was a “Grelexis”, a mixture of two exiting cast members Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino.

Stassi Schroeder Leaving Vanderpump Rules Following SpinoffGate? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: March 2nd, 2015 in Stassi Schroeder, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

Stassi Schroeder Leaving Vanderpump Rules Following SpinoffGate: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Stassi Schroeder is leaving Vanderpump Rules, or having her role being downgraded from featured performer, after this season, LALATE can exclusively report. And while Stassi Schroeder (boyfriend photos below) and Lisa Vanderpump will eventually tell news their versions of what happened, LALATE can exclusively report that it stems from one big mystery: SpinoffGate.

“What happened to Stassi Schroeder”, “where is Stassi”, and “did Stassi quit Vanderpump Rules” will be among the questions fans will ask not just next season but also this season’s Reunion. LALATE can report that Stassi Schroeder does not get a featured performer’s cast chair on the 2015 Vanderpump Rules Reunion this month. Even James gets a seat for the reunion before Stassi. Meantime, during a recent appearance on WWHL, Jax Taylor tweeted that BravoTV had picked up Pump Rules for another season. So why were there no celebrations from Stassi online? Stassi Schroeder won’t be on Vanderpump Rules next season as a featured cast member. And while she may film scenes, don’t expect her to be in opening credits.

So what happened? LALATE can report that tensions between Stassi and Vanderpump started to surge right around the time that we ran our September 2014 exclusive about a secret Stassi spinoff .

That month, LALATE uncovered a reality TV casting notice – on a leading casting site – that boasted a new Stassi Schroeder show. The show was to piggyback on Vanderpump Rules name, and even the Sur Lounge brand. But its production company was not Evolution Media, which produces RHOBH and Pump Rules.

Stassi BF Pictures Set 1
Stassi BF Photo 1
Stassi BF Photo 2
Stassi BF Photo 3
Stassi BF Photo 4

So what the world was going on here? SpinoffGate still remains a mystery to this day. It remains a mystery who-knew-what was going on. But just as we ran our story, Stassi was on the outs with Lisa.

The bizarre concept of the show read in September that “Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder will work with you, going to any length to prank your superfan girlfriend, friend, or relative in sneaky and outrageous way!” Producers are “looking for is a loyal Vanderpump Rules viewer, who happens to be obsessed with Stassi Schroeder, and lives in Southern California.” They will then prank the female guest’s boyfriend or husband, drawing upon Vanderpump Rules as the backdrop.

Strangely, as soon our story aired, tensions between Stassi and Lisa changed, as her role on Pump Rules got cut. And eventually the spinoff never aired. So did Stassi try to pitch a spinoff without Lisa’s permission, was the spinoff Lisa’s idea that fell through when tensions grew with Stassi, and did Evolution Media know about the spinoff using their show’s name with another production company? For now, we may never know the answers to SpinoffGate.

The Bachelor 2015 Winner: Who Does Bachelor Chris Soules Pick – EXCLUSIVE

Posted: March 2nd, 2015 in Chris Soules, RealitySteve, The Bachelor, Whitney Bischoff by LALATE

The Bachelor 2015 Winner: Who Does Bachelor Chris Soules Pick - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Bachelor 2015 winner will be announced in the Final Rose Bachelor results on March 9, 2015. But RealitySteve.com spoilers from November 2014 already told news that The Bachelor Chris Soules picks Whitney Bischoff. Meantime, LALATE can exclusively report that claims “Chris has broke up with Whitney and moved to Los Angeles to be with Becca” are false.

Who does The Bachelor Chris Soules pick, Whitney or Becca? Next Monday, that will be answered in the Final Rose results. But last November, RealitySteve spoilers told news that Chris Soules picks Whitney, that Chris and Whitney are still together, and that Chris and Whitney are engaged. And yet, like clockwork, a series of false reports hit this week. One claims that Chris moved to LA to be near Becca. LALATE can report that the claim is false.

Rather, The Bachelor Chris has in fact moved to Los Angeles, not for Becca, but to be close to someone else: the judges on Dancing with the Stars. LALATE can exclusively report that Chris is that secret DWTS final cast member to be debuted on the show’s premier night. And expect Whitney in the DWTS audience. Meantime, Jade is not going to be a contestant this season on DWTS despite ridiculous (clearly planted) stories claiming that she is.

Bachelor Winner Whitney Bischoff Pictures Set 2
Whitney Bischoff Photo 1
Whitney Bischoff Photo 2
Whitney Bischoff Photo 3
Whitney Bischoff Photo 4

Meantime, what is RealitySteve’s final thoughts about the season? He notes that we are “only one week away from the finale that I’ve been waiting for since Nov. 24th when I released the spoiler of the ending. It’s been three months in the making and this thing can’t get here any quicker.”

Bachelor Winner Whitney Bischoff Pictures Set 2
Whitney Bischoff Photo 5
Whitney Bischoff Photo 6
Whitney Bischoff Photo 7
Whitney Bischoff Photo 8

Like clockwork, “conspiracy theories” are surfacing before the finale. This is nothing new. RealitySteve adds “Happens every season. I get told for months leading into the finale about how I’m wrong, no one will ever listen to me again, my sources are drying up, ABC is on to me, and then the spoiler ends up being right, and all those people go away with egg on their face.”

This season, RealitySteve claims that these theories are more bizarre than ever before. ” Oh, they’re fun. And somewhat looney. The theories that people come up with are truly from another planet. You will get a kick out of them, I promise.”

Bachelor Winner Whitney Bischoff Pictures Set 3
Whitney Bischoff Photo 9
Whitney Bischoff Photo 10
Whitney Bischoff Photo 11
Whitney Bischoff Photo 12

Meantime that Hotel Julien appears to be the center of something historic next week. Steve tells news that “the Hotel Julien is where they came back to and stayed after returning from Bali, it only makes sense that next week’s ATFR will take place from the hotel… so it’s not far fetched to think they’re gonna hold the show being there again next Monday night for the finale. ” He adds “History in the making would be that they’ve never held an ATFR outside of LA before. It’s always been in the LA studios.” For more about the Bachelor finale click HERE. For a video about the finale, see below.

Virginia vs Syracuse 2015 Score Ignites AP Top 25 College Basketball Rankings

Posted: March 2nd, 2015 in AP Top 25, College Basketball by LALATE

Virginia vs Syracuse 2015 Score Ignites AP Top 25 College Basketball Rankings

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Virginia vs Syracuse 2015 (live score results below) delivers a huge AP Top 25 college basketball battle today. The game features number two Virginia taking on unranked Syracuse in an ACC battle. The game heads to ESPN tonight.

Today’s Virginia vs Syracuse 2015 game (start time 4 pm PST) boasts number two ranked Virginia taking on unranked Syracuse. This season Virginia is 27-1 and 15-1 in the ACC. Syracuse in turn is 18-11 overall and 9-7 in the ACC. This winter UVA stats are being led by Atkins. He is dominating team steal and blocks with one steal and one block per battle. Gill leads rebounds with seven, Brogdon has fourteen points per game, and Perrantes is producing five assists per battle.

For Syracuse, Christmas has been impressing news this winter. He has eighteen points per game, nine rebounds, and two blocks. Joseph tops assists and steals are led by Cooney with two per match. What is the anticipation for UVA tonight? “(It’s) going to be a crazy finish,” senior forward Dario Atkins tells his team’s news site today. “Great teams, great coaches, great programs. Top teams. Elite teams. I think that will help us going into postseason, playing teams like that.” For live score results today of this and all other AP Top 25 basketball games, click HERE, and for current rankings click HERE.

Oklahoma vs Iowa State 2015 Score Heats up AP Top 25 College Basketball

Posted: March 2nd, 2015 in AP Top 25, College Basketball by LALATE

Oklahoma vs Iowa State 2015 Score Heats up AP Top 25 College Basketball

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Oklahoma vs Iowa State 2015 (live score results below) delivers AP Top 25 college basketball rankings tonight. The game heads to the court early and features two teams looking to surge in NCAA standings, after the announcement of the new AP Top 25 College Basketball rankings this morning.

Today’s Oklahoma vs Iowa State 2015 game (start time 4 pm PST) features number fifteen ranked Oklahoma taking on number seventeen ranked Iowa State in a Big 12 battle. This season, Oklahoma is 20-8 overall and 11-5 in the Big 12. Iowa State in turn is 20-8 and 10-6 in the Big 12. Coming into today’s game, Woodard is leading Oklahoma team stats. He is producing four assists per battle, and two steals. Thomas is producing two blocks. And Hield is delivering seventeen points per game.

For ISU, Morris and McKay have been on fire. McKay has seven rebounds per game, two blocks. Morris is producing five assist per battle and two steals. Niang in turn is delivering fifteen points per match.

What is the focus for Oklahoma coming into today’s game? “We’ve been talking about that a lot as a whole team and with the coaches and just with the players,” forward TaShawn Thomas said. “But right now, I feel like we just need to focus on Monday you know, going to Ames and just trying to get a win there, and then we can worry about Kansas. But right now, we just need to focus on Iowa State.” For live score results today of this and all other AP Top 25 basketball games, click HERE and for current rankings click HERE.

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