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NCAA Tournament College Basketball 2015, March Madness, Road to the Final Four and More

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Dancing with the Stars 2015 Results Tonight | DWTS 2015 Eliminations

Who Got Eliminated on Dancing with the Stars Tonight? Dancing with the Stars 2015 Results & Eliminations

Powerball Winning Numbers April 1 Results Tonight Grow to $50M

Posted: April 1st, 2015 in Powerball, Winning Numbers by LALATE

Powerball Winning Numbers April 1 Results Tonight Grow to $50Ml

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Powerball winning numbers for April 1, 2015 results tonight have grown to $50 million. There was no Powerball winner for the last draw. So tonight the pot increases by ten million dollars to a new fifty million level. Additionally the cash value will stand at thirty-three million dollars.

Powerball winning numbers have produced several jackpot winners since middle March. But officials remind news that “there were no jackpot winners Saturday, but 434,833 players across the nation won more than $6 Million in prizes in America’s Game.” They add “The Saturday, March 28th jackpot was at its guaranteed $40 million and will be rolling to $50 Million for the next draw…. There were two tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize. They were from GA and MD. There were no tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million. There were 434,833 tickets that won nearly $6.0 million in cash prizes. “

But back on March 25 there was a winner when the jackpot was reset to its base level. “The Wednesday, March 25th jackpot was at its guaranteed $40 million and there was one grand prize winning ticket sold in the State of New Jersey. The jackpot will reset to its guaranteed amount of $40 Million for the next draw…. It was from the State of WA. There was one ticket that added the Power Play to win $2 million. It was from the State of TN”, officials told news at the time. For live results tonight when they are announced click HERE. For more, see the below video.

American Idol Results Tonight 2015: Twitter #Save April 1 Ignites Bottom 2

Posted: April 1st, 2015 in American Idol by LALATE

American Idol Results Tonight 2015 Adds Twitter #Save April 1

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol results tonight 2015 will feature a Twitter #Save (singer’s name) for April 1, 2015. When is the start time on the Twitter save, how to tweet the hashtag, and when does the tweeting period end? Tonight, if you love American Idol 2015 you might not enjoy it as much if you live on the west coast. That’s because the new Twitter #Save experiment for April 1, 2015 results will occur live during the telecast on the East Coast. Meantime, live streaming video online of the telecast will be offered tonight as well on AmericanIdol.com for West Coast fans.

American Idol result tonight 2015 will air 8 to 10 pm EST, or 5 to 7 pm PST. If you follow along on Twitter from the West Coast, you can participate online. How does it work? Tonight roughly around 6:45 pm PST tonight on the West Coast, Ryan Seacrest will announce the bottom two singers. Then for roughly five minutes only, fans will be able to save a signer by tweeting an expression. Namely, fans will have to on Twitter tweet “#Save(FirstNameoftheSinger). And you will only have five minutes to do it. The results will be revealed immediately by Seacrest.

The official statement of the telecast reveals “Once host Ryan Seacrest announces the bottom two finalists and they perform, the ‘Idol’ Fan Save hashtag #Save(ContestantName) for each will appear on air, and fans across the country will have a short window (approximately five minutes) to tweet their ’save’ votes (one per Twitter account). Once the ‘Idol’ Fan Save window closes, no more votes will be accepted and the real-time, immediate results will be revealed by Ryan Seacrest.”

And if you want to watch the telecast, but are on the West Coast, producers will be providing live streaming video online tonight at AmericanIdol.com. For live results tonight as they are announced click HERE.

March Madness Men’s Schedule 2015 Bracket Sets Final Four NCAA Tournament

Posted: April 1st, 2015 in Bracket, College Basketball, March Madness, NCAA by LALATE

March Madness Men's Schedule 2015 Bracket Sets Final Four NCAA Tournament

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The March Madness Men’s Schedule 2015 Bracket is set for the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. But when are the March Madness Final Four 2015 games, and what is the latest schedule update on the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament?

March Madness Men’s Schedule 2015 will continue this weekend after the NIT Tournament concludes. Despite each round of the March Madness NCAA Tournament continuing consecutively with 1-3 day breaks, these final four teams will have roughly an entire week to recuperate before they enter the semifinals this weekend.

Officials tell news that the NCA Tournament Schedule of games for the Final Four is not until this April 4, 2015. That day both games will be played. They will both air on the TBS Channel. And they will both tip off during primetime on the east coast.

Officials tell news that the first game is Michigan State vs Duke. That has a start time of 6:09 PM EST. The second game is Wisconsin vs Kentucky. That game will have a start time of 8:49 pm EST. Of the four remaining teams only Michigan State is not a number one seed. They are a number seven seed.

And how do their records compare? Michigan State allowed eleven losses this season, Duke four. Kentucky had none, and Wisconsin has only three. Of four teams, Wisconsin and Kentucky clearly have the best records this season. But of the remaining final four teams, do any of them top the nation on stats? Michigan State is number four in the nation on assists, with seventeen per game. Duke is number four in the nation on points earned per game, and number three on field goal percentage. Wisconsin has no team overall stats putting them in the top ten this nation, and ironically nearly does Kentucky. Meantime Kentucky has not lost a game since February 24 by six points. For live score results Saturday of all March Madness Men’s 2015 Bracket games, click HERE, and for a printable bracket of the NCAA Tournament 2015 and the Final Four, click HERE.

Kenya Moore Life Twirls On, Without Janet Hubert Rant: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: April 1st, 2015 in Janet Hubert, Kenya Moore, Life Twirls On by LALATE

Kenya Moore Life Twirl On Without Janet Hubert Rant: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A Janet Hubert message about Kenya Moore, BravoTV, the network’s attorneys, Kenya’s production company, Rickey Smiley and Porsha Williams were all deleted overnight. The Janet Hubert Facebook post, of roughly March 26, 2015, widely reported since publication, was removed from Hubert’s Facebook page overnight, LALATE can exclusively report.

Janet Hubert in her Facebook post(s) had called Porsha Williams allegedly unintelligent but attractive. Hubert next said that Rickey Smiley allegedly prefers to hire unintelligent but attractive women. Hubert then allegedly condoned violence. She said of Williams’ RHOA6 attack against Moore “you are lucky that she didn’t do worse. She took you down like a MMA champion. You deserved every bit of that * whooping that you got.”

Hubert then made false allegations about Moore, her producing, her production company, and her union affiliation. Hubert then went on to falsely claim that BravoTV “attorneys” were in her corner and against Moore. All that messiness is now deleted. Twirl on that! Hubert told news overnight ” I don’t go back to old post after they have been there for a while so sorry if I don’t respond to you after a time has past. The post is no longer in my mind…it’s a new month and a new moon……blessings! I realize people think some things are new because they are new to my page, glad you came!”

NeNe Leakes to Claudia Jordan: “Your” Trip without Me Slid Ratings: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: April 1st, 2015 in Claudia Jordan, NeNe Leakes by LALATE

NeNe Leakes to Claudia Jordan: Your Trip without Me Sunk Ratings: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Overnight, NeNe Leakes had the last laugh with Claudia Jordan and the RHOA 7 trip to Manila, or did she? NeNe Leakes this season claimed that virtually every storyline on the show concerns her, and that she is carrying the show and its ratings. So the big testament to Leakes’ claim is how did the show’s ratings do when the cast headed to Manila last Sunday without Leakes, and producer airing virtually no footage of NeNe during the telecast. LALATE can report that the ratings are in. And there was not that much of a drop in the ratings to support Leakes’ claims, week to date. Rather, the ratings of the Manila (Part 1) episode without NeNe Leakes only dropped ratings about 9% compared to the prior week, or a 0.25 rating share difference.

NeNe Leakes is paid $1.2 to $1.5 million per season on RHOA based upon her claim that she is carrying the show, and its storylines. But the question will remain if her assertion is true over the next two episodes in Manila. Leakes claims that even when she was not on the trip she remained the subject of discussion. But when Leakes was gone, or in this case shooting filler scenes on Broadway with her husband, did Real Housewives of Atlanta ratings hold up? And more importantly, did the show deliver ratings when the tensions were softened between the cast and the women were able to “move forward from here”?

Yes, apparently so. Sunday’s episode 19 of RHOA for March 29, 2015 delivered a 2.98 ratings share and 1.2 share for the 18-25 demographic. The ratings were down from 3.235 with a 1.5 share among hte 18-25. But the real test will be this Sunday when the cast continues in Manila without Leakes. If the show’s ratings this Sunday slid every further, down to the 2.5 ratings realm (which is not good for RHOA), Leakes will able to prove her point that she carries the show’s tensions, drama, and ratings. But if the show maintains it rating with less drama and without Leakes, then NeNe’s assertion may not be as supported.

Of note, BravoTV has a history of using someone’s storyline even after they leave the show. Dina Manzo for several years claimed that RHONJ continued to talk about her and her tensions with Caroline even after Dina left the show and now longer got payments. So in this case, if Leakes decides to leave RHOA (which has not done so yet), there is nothing preventing RHOA producers from still talking about her in the storyline indefinitely without sending her a check, unless Leakes contracts against such events from occurring.

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