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Claudia Jordan Ex Husband Datari Turner Claims They Weren’t Married: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: March 29th, 2015 in Claudia Jordan, Datari Turner by LALATE

Claudia Jordan Ex Husband Datari Turner Claims They Never Married: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Claudia Jordan discusses her ex-husband on RHOA tonight. Who was Claudia Jordan married to, and who was Claudia’s husband? Claudia Jordan filed for annulment back in 2010 to her first “husband” Datari Turner. But LALATE can exclusively report a major bombshell that should ignite the start of RHOA8 taping later year. Datari Turner allegedly claims Claudia Jordan is not his ex-wife and that there were never even married. And while the comments allegedly by Turner might be part of a baseless nonsensical rant, the tweets are prompting viewer confusion.

Claudia Jordan’s annulment to Datari Turner was announced on a celebrity news site back April 2010. Jordan filed for annulment and gave that news site a statement when they ran with her annulment story. But two years later, another story surfaced online that Datari Turner was allegedly engaged to marry someone else. Turner was purportedly traveling. And when he got back, he was furious and allegedly went on a Twitter rant about purportedly Claudia Jordan. Those alleged tweets were then screengrabbed by fans, saved to TinyPic.com and then posted to a message board at the time. That is how the remarks have been saved over the years.

LALATE has obtained those alleged tweets by Datari Turner on/ around February 2012. In them, he allegedly claims that someone has been feeding fake stories about him to the same news site that Claudia was quoted in about the annulment. Datari Turner allegedly tweeted “I been quiet about the s– too long. Only so much I can take. For the record, I was never ‘legally’ married to that girl. I aint never claimed her so please stop referring to me as your ex. Thank… I was engaged two only one person and that person aint been in Hollywood for twenty years … you are more famous for.. being on [a celebrity news site] every month for your shenanigans”.

Again the rant (which includes far worse passages) could be baseless and nonsensical. But the bigger issue is why did the alleged rant occur in the first place. The new RHOA episode airs tonight on BravoTV.

Kenya Moore’s Life Twirls On with “What Happened to NeNe Leakes”: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: March 29th, 2015 in Kenya Moore, Life Twirls On, NeNe Leakes by LALATE

Kenya Moore's Life Twirls On with What Happened to NeNe Leakes: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore’s Manila Life Twirls On tonight in as the cast heads to South Korea and then the Philippines. But what happened to NeNe Leakes, why is NeNe Leakes not on the RHOPA trip, and where is NeNe? LALATE can report that Kenya delivered some subtle shade back on October 29, 2014 about this trip. Yet, still to this day there is some mystery about the back-story and NeNe’s absence.

Kenya Moore takes a Life Twirls On break to fly to Manila with the cast. LALATE was the first to report exclusively about this trip back in October 2014. At the time, Kenya Moore shared one picture, first taken with Claudia Jordan’s camera. Kenya captioned the picture “the girls of #RHOA”, obviously giving shade to a missing NeNe. The spot where Nene usually stands, stage center as the show’s “star”, was filled instead with a tall man who is grey and losing his hair.

And where is NeNe? LALATE can report at the time Leakes was preparing for Broadway. But she was not performing. Leakes is said, however, to have allegedly not made the trip for two reasons. First, she was purportedly in rehearsals. Second, Leakes allegedly cannot fly to elongated durations like internationally because of medical issues. Meantime, Kenya Moore’s show Life Twirls On is expected to air on BravoTV in the coming weeks. Moore wrote, directed and produced the show.

NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss Feud in RHOA Reunion 2015 Taping: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: March 29th, 2015 in Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, RHOA by LALATE

NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss Feud in RHOA Reunion 2015 Taping: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss feud exploded in a RHOA Reunion 2015 epic twelve hour taping Friday night, LALATE can exclusively report. NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss are going to leave viewers in shock when the RHOA 7 Reunion airs in a couple of weeks. The feud was the culmination of built up tensions that date back to last year, LALATE can further report. Tonight, NeNe does not make the trip to Manilla and Korea with Kandi and the cast leaving viewers wondering “what happened to NeNe”.

NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss absolutely went at it during the RHOA Reunion leaving everyone speechless, LALATE can report. Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan and NeNe Leakes have all tweeted to fans since Friday that much of hte taping had the same predictable feuds, and same shade, that fans would expect. But for two days, cast members have been tweeting up a storm about an unexpected showdown that occurred. So what was it? LALATE can report that it was Thrilla in Manila, Kandi Burruss vs NeNe Leakes. However there is a whole back-story about tensions between these two that came out, but won’t air for viewers.

Kenya Moore Boyfriend Pictures
Kenya Photo 1
Kenya Photo 2
Kenya Photo 3

LALATE can report that NeNe has been furious with Kandi since 2014 when Kandi basically rubbed in NeNe’s face that Kandi’s wedding spinoff was a hit, and that NeNe’s was not. LALATE detailed that NeNe got a raw deal, however. Leakes’ wedding spinoff got a horrible midweek timeslot, while Kandi’s a year later was given the RHOA timeslot. Kandi’s ratings sweet, Nene’s ratings were a NoNo.

When the season started, Kandi Burruss was leaving many wondering if she is the voice of reason, or the voice of treason. Leakes started this season upset by BravoTV’s executives decisions on casting. Producers hired Claudia Jordan to even out balances for Kenya Moore. But Leakes was displeased that she was on the short side of the stick. NeNe had Phaedra and then when Porsha was fired Leakes was down to only one alliance, with Kenya sporting three.

Life Twirls On Pictures Set 1
Life Twirls On Photo 1
Life Twirls On Photo 2
Life Twirls On Photo 3

The key then was Kandi Burruss. Leakes in recent weeks has been tweeting horrible adjectives to describe Kandi like “sneaky”. And those tensions hit a boiling point Friday. Leakes in the end went into Friday’s telecast expecting tensions from Claudia, Kenya and Cynthia. But she was shocked when she found yet a new fourth person coming for her: Kandi Burruss. Leakes moments ago implied on IG that Kandi is her “new jealous hater”. For more about the reunion click HERE.

Final Four Bracket Schedule 2015 Sets NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

Posted: March 29th, 2015 in Bracket, College Basketball, NCAA by LALATE

Final Four Bracket Schedule 2015 Set NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Final Four Bracket Schedule 2015 is nearly set for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Three of four teams now are heading to the Final Four. But when are the Final Four games, what is the start time, and what channel are the games on?

The Final Four Bracket Schedule 2015 for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will feature two games on April 4, 2015. The games will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana. Start time on the games is pending. They will air on TBS. The first game will be Wisconsin vs Kentucky. The second game will be either Michigan State vs Duke 2015, or Michigan State vs Gonzaga.

Moments ago, Michigan State delivered the big upset of the weekend, defeating number four ranked Louisville. Michigan State is a seventh seed. It went 27-11 and 12-6 this season in the Big Ten. Louisville had gone 27-9 and 12-6 in the ACC.

Spartans scoring was led by Trice. He had seventeen points, four rebounds, five assists and one steal. Valentine had fifteen points, seven rebounds, six assists two steals and one block. Off the bench, Forbes impressed news. He had fourteen points, one rebound, two assists. Meantime, Dawson had nine points, eleven rebounds, one steal and four blocks.

The Cardinals’ top scorer was Blackshear. The guard had a monstrous twenty-eight points, three rebounds, one assist and one block. But the entire bench produced a mere five points. Among starters, Harrell had sixteen points and Rozier thirteen. Rozier delivered eight rebounds, three assist, four steals and one block. Harrell had nine rebounds, four assists, one steal and one block. For live score results today of this and all other March Madness Men’s 2015 Bracket games today, click HERE, and for a printable bracket of the NCAA Tournament 2015 and the Final Four, click HERE.

March Madness Bracket Schedule 2015 Preps NCAA Tournament Final Four

Posted: March 29th, 2015 in Bracket, College Basketball, March Madness, NCAA by LALATE

March Madness Bracket Schedule 2015 Preps NCAA Tournament Final Four

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The March Madness Bracket Schedule 2015 for the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament gets two remaining teams for the Final Four today. Current score on the Michigan State vs Louisville game in overtime is 70-66. Two minutes remain in the game. And then next up later is Gonzaga vs Duke.

The March Madness Bracket Schedule 2015 will give players several days of rest. The first game is set for Saturday April 4, 2015: Wisconsin vs Kentucky. Start time on that game is pending. The game will air on TBS.

Kentucky had its closest game arguably of the season last night. They narrowly defeated Notre Dame. Final score on the Notre Dame vs Kentucky game was 66-68. The game was tied through much of the first half, tied at halftime, and then tied throughout much of the second half as well.

Kentucky scoring was led by Towns. He had twenty-five points, five rebounds, four assists, two steals and one block. Off the bench, Booker was on fire. He had ten points, two rebounds and one block. Lyles in turn has nine points, Andrew Harrison seven, and Aaron Harrison six. Cauley meantime had four rebounds, two points and six points. The team shot fifty-three percent last night, fifty percent on three point shots, and seventy percent at foul line. For live score results today of this and all other March Madness Men’s 2015 Bracket games today, click HERE, and for a printable bracket of the NCAA Tournament 2015 and the Final Four, click HERE.

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